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Kid's Line Carry All Diaper Bag Review

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Kid's Line Carry All Diaper Bag Review (Kid's Line Carry All Diaper Bag. Front.)
Kid's Line Carry All Diaper Bag. Front.
Credit: BabyGearLab Staff
Price:  $59 List
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Manufacturer:   Kidsline
By Juliet Spurrier, MD ⋅ Mom-in-Chief  ⋅  Feb 13, 2012

The Skinny

The Kid's Line Carry All Diaper Bag for $59 is the lightest among all of the diaper bags that we reviewed at 1.2 lbs. However, we are surprised that something of this low quality actually sells for this much. Incidentally, we do find this same bag in a different pattern, Satin City Dot, on Amazon for 50% less which seems a much more reasonable and deserving figure. This diaper bag resembles more a purse, and it is of reasonable size for a day's outing with one child. It has a water-resistant lining and comes with a fairly nice but small changing pad. It does have an external zipped pocket for personal items like cell phone and keys. However, we don't like it very much for several reasons. We feel it is poorly constructed with cheap materials; for one, the bag made of 100% polyurethane is quite toxic smelling. It can be carried by flimsy tote handles or an adjustable, removable shoulder strap which is thin and without padding. It also has removable stroller straps which the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association does not recommend using as stroller straps in general leave the stoller susceptible to tipping over when the diaper bag is hung from the back of its handle(s). Our feeling is if you want a reasonable diaper bag which resembles a purse, spend $11 more for the Skip Hop Versa which is made from eco-friendly materials, and is high in quality, style and user-friendly storage.
Water-resistant lining
Poor quality
Chemical smell
Dark interior
Flimsy tote handles
Thin shoulder strap w/o padding
The Kid's Line Carry All Diaper Bag was discontinued in October of 2016.

Our Analysis and Test Results

The Kid's Line Carry All Diaper Bag (here in Lime Ginko) is a diaper bag which resembles more a purse. Its one redeeming quality is its remarkable light weight of 1.2 lbs. However, we feel it's quality is poor and the fabric is quite chemical smelling (made of 100% polyurethane). The bulk of storage is on the interior which zips closed and has 2 open, elasticized pockets for bottles or sippies and 3 open, elasticized pockets for diaper, wipes, and included changing pad. The interior lining while water-resistant is dark making it difficult to see what is stored inside. The shoulder strap which is removable and adjustable is quite thin without any padding. The tote handles are quite flimsy, but comfortable enough for the shoulders. The removable stroller straps attach via velcro and are quite cheap. The Consumer Products Manufacturers Association does not recommend using them, and we agree.
Overall, we feel you can do better for your dollar. If you'd like a diaper bag that resembles more a purse, spend a bit more for the Skip Hop Versa, and we think you will be truly very satisfied.

Juliet Spurrier, MD

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