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FuzziBunz Elite Review

Soft and sleek, but there are easier pocket diapers out there
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FuzziBunz Elite Review (FuzziBunz One-Size Elite Pocket Diaper)
FuzziBunz One-Size Elite Pocket Diaper
Credit: FuzziBunz
Price:  $510 List
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Manufacturer:   FuzziBunz
By Alison Buck ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Jun 5, 2014
  • Absorbency - 25% 7.0
  • Fit / Leakage - 25% 6.0
  • Comfort - 20% 8.0
  • Ease-of-use - 20% 8.0
  • Eco - Health - 10% 7.0

The Skinny

The FuzziBunz Elite is a one-size pocket diaper. It comes with two 100% microfiber polyester inserts, one small and one medium/large so you can use whichever one you need as your baby grows. This diaper earns points for trimness, comfort, and absorbency. In fact, it is one of the trimmest diapers we tested apart from the Flip Hybrid. The 2013 model is easier to stuff than the 2012 model, with larger posterior access and a wider crotch. The newer version is also more generously sized to fit a wider range of babies. Speaking of fit, it has an interesting and unique internal elastic sizing system which is easy to button but overall less user-friendly than other systems we tested. Although a sizing guide is included in the instructions, we felt it was more difficult to achieve an exact fit.
Thin and trim with very soft interior and inserts
Two inserts included with cover which can be machine-dried
Skeptical about sizing as no snaps to adjust rise
Difficult inner elastic adjustments
The FuzziBunz Elite was discontinued in 2019.

Our Analysis and Test Results

Overall, for a pocket diaper, we like the FuzziBunz Elite. The back pocket is generously sized through which the insert(s) are stuffed. A perfect fit in the waist and thighs necessitates adjusting the inner elastic and buttoning it to the correct hole. This is fairly easy to do once you turn the cover inside-out.

FuzziBunz has an information page describing how to size Elite's inner elastics for the rise and waist and snaps for the waist.

The fabrics are of good quality, and the snaps are strong and durable. Although the stitching on the cover is neat and tidy, we received two separate diapers where the edge of one of the inserts had frayed thread.


Along with 4 other brands, FuzziBunz Elite received the second highest score in Absorbency in this 15 cloth diaper round-up, an impressive 7 of 10.

For our actual absorbency test, we used both inserts if the cloth system was sold as such out of the package. We also tested with the diaper at its largest size. So for this, the large insert lay below the small insert which was laid in the middle. Despite that fact that the Elite is comprised of all synthetic fabrics.


The Elite received a 6 of 10 in Fit/Leakage. We liked that it was one of the slimmest and trimmest diapers we tested. Under clothing, it is not much thicker than a disposable.

Unfortunately, we found the sizing to be subpar. Although there is an included Sizing Guide, it can be challenging to get the internal elastics of both the button-adjusted leg casings and button-adjusted waist in addition to the adjustable waist snaps on just the right setting, especially for a very young infant (when you really need things snug in the right places to avoid messy blowouts). In our opinion, a diaper with external snaps is much easier to both size correctly and to use.

The improvement FuzziBunz made to increase the range of sizing in the Elite improve the previous situation of the 2012 Elite version, where we felt it was best suited for the span of older infancy into early toddlerhood. We feel the 2013 Elite improves upon this issue and incorporates young infancy to potty training.


We gave the Elite a 8 of 10 in Comfort. The entire cover is lined with fleece, so it's the only fabric that touches baby. This fleece lining also functions to pull moisture into the insert, away from baby's skin.

We find this lining to be very soft and stays so after many washings.

When the adjustable elastic is pulled to the smallest settings, we discovered that the fabric really bunches up into a hard mass, particularly in the back along the waist. This was definitely a comfort issue because it just doesn't seem like a comfortable situation for baby when lying on the back.


The FuzziBunz Elite has some really nice features which make it easy to use. First of all, the inserts AND cover can be machine dried. They both wash well and we didn't have major issues with odor and stain retainment.

The 2012 version of the Elite had a small/narrow pocket which made it difficult to stuff in the insert, particularly those with larger hands, and just about impossible to add an additional insert if extra absorbency is needed. We feel the 2013 version of the FuzziBunz Elite erased these issues with wide posterior access and a wider crotch.

Though a big part of sizing comes with finding just the right elastic setting for both the waist and the rise, the Fuzzibunz Elite comes with a weight chart to help with guidance. Resetting the elastic is a task that only occurs when baby changes sizes, so though a bit cumbersome, it isn't that big of a deal. The Elite used to come with replacement elastic. It no longer does, but can be obtained via their website to for increased diaper longevity.


Made entirely of synthetic materials, the Elite scored a 7 of 10 in Eco-Health. Compared to cloth diaper brands that incorporate natural fabrics like cotton, hemp, and bamboo, it can't compare. However you slice it though, we strongly believe that cloth diapering is better for the both baby and the environment than using disposables, particularly if they are washed in bulk and line dried.


While the FuzziBunz Elite seems has plenty of strong followers, our testing revealed better options out there. However, if you are searching for a lower cost pocket diaper with great performance, the Elite will deliver at an estimated lifetime cost of $210 less than our Editors' Choice, the Rumparooz Pocket.

Alison Buck

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