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Planet Wise Diaper Pail Liner Review

Planet Wise Pail Liners  Moo-Licious
Price:   $17.00 List | $15.00 at Amazon - 12% off
Pros:  Great colors/designs, contains smell, easy to clean
Cons:  Can leak when PUL separates, no drawstring
Bottom line:  Available in many colors/designs and odor-resistant, may leak if inner layer separates
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Manufacturer:   Planet Wise

The Skinny

These stylish Planet Wise Reusable Diaper Pail Liners are effective at containing the smell and look great, but they don't have a drawstring and may leak when the inner PUL side separates from the outer layer.

Our Analysis and Test Results

Review by:
Juliet Spurrier, MD

Last Updated:
August 18, 2016

The Planet Wise Reusable Diaper Pail Liners have uniquely-sealed seams to prevent wicking and leaking. Made in the USA and PVC-free, these liners are made of a no-pill elastic, and are tall enough (at 28") and wide enough (circumference of 54") to fit into most 54 quart/14 gallon trash cans or diaper pails, or stand alone. We found, however, that of the pails tested in our Cloth Diaper Pail Review, these Planet Wise Reusable Diaper Pail Liners fit best in the simplehuman 38 Liter Rectangular Step Can. Currently available in 30 colors/designs, you can have fun choosing your very favorite.

Like the Planet Wise Wet-Dry Bag, these liners are backed by a 60-day warranty, only honored if you follow the company's lengthy care instructions*, which include (but are in no way limited to) the following steps:
  • Wash bags with dish soap, rinse with water or on warm/cold in washing machine (We recommend washing them with the inner PUL side out to ensure complete removal of the soap.)
  • Line drying is recommended
  • Close all velcro or hook-loop closures on cloth diapers before washing
  • Do not use bleach or detergent with brighteners and/or additives

Planet Wise also manufacturers Planet Wise Reusable Trash Bag that fit into 5-gallon (or less) trash bins.


The most commonly cited likes for this product are:
  • Cute designs
  • Contains smell
  • Easy to clean


User reviews frequently note these disadvantages:
  • No drawstring
  • Can leak when inner PUL side separates; thus, proper laundering and drying recommended

*For Planet Wise's complete list of requirements and cleaning instructions, see their website.
Juliet Spurrier, MD

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