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Nuna Leaf Curv Review

The simplicity of the Nuna Leaf Curv makes it an attractive  stylish swing for an adult household  but not the most soothing. It can be used with the 3-point harness for newborn up to sitting unassisted and then used for a lounger for older children up to 130 pounds.
Price:   $229.00 List
Pros:  Compact, contemporary design, lightweight, quality materials, stage 2 child seat
Cons:  Poor soothing with short sway time, loud velcro harness
Bottom line:  Expensive, poor soothing
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Dimensions (in) & Footprint Area (sq in):  28" L x 29" W x 18" H, (812 sq in footprint)
Weight:  11.9 Lbs
Range:  Swing Mode: Birth to Sitting Chair Mode: Walking to 130 Lbs
Manufacturer:   Nuna

The Skinny

Modern, stylish and with oeko-tex certified fabrics, we were very excited to test the Nuna Leaf Curv as a soothing baby device that actually fits into the aesthetic of an adult home. It definitely stands our for its minimalism with a compact footprint of 812 square inchest and trim weight of 11.9 pounds. Manually powered without extraneous cords or batteries, we were certainly hopeful that in this case, less is more. However, it was not surprising that the tried and true traditional swings like our top scoring Fisher-Price My Little Snugabunny and Graco Comfy Cove DLX maintained best soothing ability. In our opinion, the Leaf Curv's strong suit lies in its Stage 2 use as a fancy lounger for an older child.

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Our Analysis and Test Results

Review by:
Dana Ganssle Ellis & BabyGearLab Team

Last Updated:
March 10, 2015


The Nuna Leaf Curv is designed to be the alternative to the standard, gaudy and intrusive baby swing that populates the market. This product is designed to fit into the modern family's home. However, it scores poorly compared to its competitors where it matters most: soothing. Though Nuna's website claims the Curv maintains its seat's swaying motion for over two minutes, we didn't find this to be true. And, two minutes is certainly not enough time between pushes for a parent to do anything except sit and wait to push again. The beauty of a well-designed baby swing is that it offers a safe alternative to a caregiver's arms. And, though the Leaf may free you from the aesthetic of baby centric products, it unfortunately tethers you to its side when in its rotating action.

Performance Comparison

The Nuna Leaf swings via manual power so for uninterrupted movement  a caregiver must be within arms' reach to keep the party consistently swinging. We found this to be a definite negative. Also  the 3-point harness has very strong  loud velcro which is always a deal breaker for us.
The Nuna Leaf swings via manual power so for uninterrupted movement, a caregiver must be within arms' reach to keep the party consistently swinging. We found this to be a definite negative. Also, the 3-point harness has very strong, loud velcro which is always a deal breaker for us.


The Nuna received our lowest score in soothing, a 2 of 10. As mentioned, the Nuna Leaf Curv's horizontal left to right swaying motion is nice, but it hinges on someone sitting by to maintain its movement. With a fixed seat at 30 degrees from horizontal, one movement option, no mobile, and zero white noise options, you'd better have some extra entertainment on hand to sooth little one. And by all means, if baby does settle in, beware of startling or waking him or her with the loud velcro strap or too robust of a push which may disrupt that swaying flow. Our feeling? Too many unrealistic expectations for a new parent.

Ease of Use

In ease of use, the Leaf scored a 4 of 10. Kudos to it being the lightest and easiest to move around with a locking lever at the base which sets the seat to stationary for easy transport. And, if you don't want to move the entire piece, the top pops off. However, there is the big elephant in the room which we already mentioned, this rotating seat is manually powered. Meaning, if your baby needs perpetual motion to settle and get some rest, you will need to be on consistent duty.

The insert which is oeko-tex certified organic cotton is machine-washable, but threaded by velcro straps which we feel is a BIG design flaw both with respect to getting baby in and out but also for washing. First of all, this particular velcro requires either two hands to open, or a strong tug. This is not the ideal motion or noise to make with a sleepy, subdued, or fussy baby in hand. Additionally, for washing, it is difficult to move the straps through the slits to remove the insert. Lastly, as with any velcro in the wash, if you don't secure its tabs, all mayhem will break loose and velcro will stick to everything…(cloth diaper users anyone?).
Active play is possible in the Nuna Leaf.
The Nuna Leaf can accommodate children up to 130 lbs making it a long term furniture investment.


Where the Leaf excels is quality. There are no cut corners here and it shows in terms of oeko-tex certified fabric and overall fit, finish, and durability. And, its minimalist, modern design is top notch. Also, no noise with this one. No creaks, clicks, or motors whirring or ratcheting. It is completely quiet when rotating, a benefit of being non-motorized. Luckily its durability will stand the test for future rougher use in the toddler and older child years as a fun lounger.


The Velcro straps are well made and strong  however  they make a loud noise when pulling them apart. Not ideal for a sleeping baby.
The Velcro straps are well made and strong, however, they make a loud noise when pulling them apart. Not ideal for a sleeping baby.
The Nuna's received a 5 of 10 in safety. While its three-point harness and static recline of 30 degrees is sufficient from newborn to young infancy, once baby can sit upright unassisted, this chair must be put away for later. The Leaf's fine print describes its 2 stages of use.
  • Stage 1 — Birth to sitting upright unassisted
  • Stage 2 — Walking up to 130 pounds (harness not used)
Realistically, we aren't sure this chair should be trusted with an uncoordinated early toddler who is just learning about the consequences of motion and gravity.


At a list price of $220, we don't feel that the Nuna Leaf Curv is a great value either for soothing in early infancy or as a lounger in childhood. While extremely well made and modernistic, we don't see it being used as a soothing staple for most babies.


The Nuna Leaf Curv is an interesting product that can in theory evolve with your family. Though not ideal for Stage 1 use in soothing, it seems to be well loved as an entertaining, comfy child seat. We recommend spending your hard earned dollars on a traditional swing.

Dana Ganssle Ellis & BabyGearLab Team

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