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What's in a name?

Boy or girl, your little one will need a name
What's in a name?
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Monday October 14, 2019

No matter what else happens on the day of your baby's birth you will need to pick a name for their birth certificate. While some parents know precisely what they will name their baby, not everyone has a name waiting in the wings ready for the baby. When considering a name, it is a good idea to think about what is important to you and what your future hopes are for your baby. Sometimes choosing a family name, or the name of someone who is important to you can be a great way of staying connected to your heritage and life. However, if it isn't that easy for you to choose a name you already know, there are always baby name books or unique names based on history, novels, or locations that mean something to you.

Beware of Unintentional Nicknames

Before you commit to a name there are a few things you should do, consider if the chosen name can in any way end up being a mistake. Think about the nicknames you can make from the name. Do the initials spell something funny or inappropriate? Does it create an awkward rhyme or imagery in your head when you say it out loud? Save your future child some potential teasing and harassment by giving thoughtful consideration to the name you bestow on them for life.

Family Names

Choosing a name can also cause a strain with friends and family. Some family members may not understand why you chose the name you did or why you chose one family name over another. While hurt feelings can be hard to avoid, we suggest you stick to your guns. This baby is yours; you get the privilege of choosing the name.

Surname Options

It used to be that the last name of the baby was a given, like women who married, the father's last name was the baby's name as well. While this is still a common approach, more and more families choose the mother's maiden name or a combination of the father and mother's name to bestow on their little one. This is also something to consider before the baby is born and emotions may be running high.

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