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Vaginal Discharge Increase

Vaginal discharge can have a pink or brown tinge
Vaginal Discharge Increase
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Monday October 21, 2019

At week 35 in your pregnancy, you have just about five more weeks to go for a full-term pregnancy. At this stage, many pregnant women experience an increase in vaginal discharge that can make things a little wet don there and have you thinking you've wet your pants. While most of us spend our time not thinking about discharge or at least not wanting to discuss it with others, it is normal for an increase in discharge to start at this stage, and it might even have a slight tinge of pink or brown. This discharge is more likely to occur after sex because the cervix is swollen and soft, with an increased blood supply. However, if you see any bright vaginal bleeding, you need to give your doctor a call right away, and they may want to take a look to ensure everything is as it should be. If the discharge is normal, you can use panty liners to help prevent an embarrassing wet pants situation when you're out and about.

Around this week, you may also be experiencing an increased urge to pee, constipation, and heartburn, thanks to the ever-decreasing interior space where your organs make their home. You can also count on pelvic pain as your hips spread in preparation for childbirth, and there is always the potential for Braxton-hicks contractions.

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