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The Beginning of Baby Bonding

Despite his womb location, your fetus is listening to everything
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Sunday October 6, 2019
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Despite baby's location inside your body, you can still start bonding with them now as opposed to waiting for the big day. Even dad can get in on the action, and this can help him feel more connected to the baby despite its current location inside your body. Because the baby can now hear things coming from outside the womb, you can start talking, reading, and even singing to the baby. These sounds will become familiar to the baby on the inside, and he will remember them on the outside. Hearing familiar voices and sounds can be comforting to the baby after being born. Even playing music and reading books will become familiar and can help soothe the baby inside and outside the womb. So invite daddy to read that special book or place some headphones on the belly and play your favorite tunes.

At around 20 weeks, a fetus can hear, and going forward can distinguish their mother's voice. A 2013 study from "Frontiers in Systems Neuroscience" entitled Linking Prenatal Experience to the Emerging Musical Mind demonstrates a cool finding that learning rhythm, timbre, and melody begins in the womb during the third trimester.

Headphones on your belly like the Belly Buds Baby Bump Sound System can potentially help increase bonding by helping send sound directly to your fetus. The special speakers attach to the belly with silicone adhesive and relay music, sounds, and voices to your little one. This package includes a splitter so that you can listen along with an additional pair of headphone. Music has been proven to reduce maternal stress during pregnancy, making this practice good for you and your baby.

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