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Stocking Up on Supplies

Being prepared isn't just for boy scouts
Stocking Up on Supplies
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Wednesday October 23, 2019

Many moms-to-be have already done the prerequisite nesting and have cleaned and organized their homes within an inch of its life. However, it is also super important to stock up on all the essential items you will need after your baby arrives to make your “just home” experience easier and less stressful. Being prepared isn't just for boy scouts, and we think all parents benefit from stockpiling the essentials, so when your baby arrives, all you need to concentrate on is baby love and care.

Stock up the Fridge

Having a freezer and refrigerator stocked with easy-to-cook and plan meals can be a godsend when you are starving and the baby is crying. Items you can pop in the oven or microwave will save you time and effort better spent on baby and self-care. Quick go-to snacks are also a good idea to keep your energy up during breastfeeding, and easy-to-make and bake items can turn dad into a meal-making hero. Make a complete grocery shopping trip to pack your pantry at least two weeks before your due date. If you don't want to worry about planning or food going bad, you can also sign up for a meal delivery service that supplies everything you need for quick, easy meals that are healthy, simple, and delivered fresh weekly to your door.

Baby Essentials are Key

Last, stock up on essential baby items, so no one needs to make that midnight trip to the store for more diapers, diaper cream, or wet wipes. Focus on these items or anything you might need for the baby that is used daily, frequently, or is thrown away after use and needs to be replenished. While many things can now easily be delivered should you run out, it is still far easier to have an entire stock on hand to prevent any uh-oh moments.