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Skin Pigment Changes

Moving into the second trimester brings with it new changes and challenges
Skin Pigment Changes
During pregnancy extra estrogen that can stimulate melanocytes which in turn causes the darkening of certain areas of skin, like the line of linea nigra seen in this photo.
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Sunday September 29, 2019

With a life growing inside you every day, your uterus has grown and is about the size of a melon. Many professionals feel this week marks a lower incidence of miscarriage, and many moms-to-be find it easier to start telling friends and family now that the 12th week has passed. You'll also likely notice an increase in your energy levels and sex drive, thanks to hormone changes.

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As your pregnancy progresses, you'll have extra estrogen that can stimulate melanocytes which produce skin pigment and can cause the darkening of your skin. This darkening can appear as the "line of linea nigra" that stretches down the abdomen, darker areola and nipples, or a mask-like darkening around your eyes and across the cheeks known as the "mask of pregnancy." All of these changes in skin color are considered normal and usually fade after your baby is born.

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In the second trimester, you'll gain somewhere around 13-14 pounds, which means maternity clothes shopping is likely a must depending on your lifestyle. Buying a few staples early can mean a longer wear time and fewer expenses down the line.

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