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New Second Trimester Symptoms

As first trimester symptoms start to subside, new symptoms will appear
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Saturday September 28, 2019
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Week 12 marks a milestone of sorts for many mothers worried about miscarriage. The incidence of miscarriage drops significantly after week 12, which makes it a popular time to start telling friends and family you might not have told already. This miscarriage occurrence drop is likely a result of the first 12 weeks being filled with building the foundation of all bodily systems and organs where so much can potentially go wrong.

The other reason to start telling people about your pregnancy is your going to start looking pregnant soon (if you don't already) as your uterus is now moving from the bottom of your pelvis to the front of your abdomen making your clothes tight and your pregnancy more obvious. Average weight gain at the end of your first trimester is 1.5-5 pounds.

This week also marks the end of some of the peskier early pregnancy symptoms like frequent urination (though this will come back in the third trimester), less nausea and tender breasts, food aversions, and crushing fatigue. But you aren't getting off scot-free, thanks to progesterone causing relaxation of your blood vessels and an increase of blood flow to your baby, your blood pressure will drop, and this could cause dizziness. Other new symptoms include an impressive sense of smell, possible headaches, bloating or gas, and an increase in vaginal discharge.

Not wanting to be left in the dark attention wise, some fathers also experience pregnancy type symptoms. This syndrome is called "couvade" and includes nausea, abdominal pain, increased appetite, and weight gain.

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