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Monitoring the Movement

Your little one is busy moving making it fun to monitor their every movement
Monitoring the Movement
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Sunday October 13, 2019

While a moving baby is usually a good sign, a baby who moves less frequently can also be perfectly healthy. Baby movement isn't always an accurate indicator of what is going on inside the womb, and more than one woman has panicked over a sleeping baby or a baby that didn't move as often as in a previous pregnancy. So while it is essential to be aware of the baby's movement, it isn't necessary to keep a running tally on each kick.

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The important thing to remember is that there is no “normal” number of kicks or flips you should be counting. It is more vital that you note any significant changes in activity and report them to your doctor right away. Every baby is different and what is normal for one might not be normal for another, but changes in activity level can indicate potential problems. So if your baby is a regular mover and shaker with a few rest periods, it is good to inform your doctor if he changes his routine significantly.

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Many parents want to continue monitoring baby after she arrives. With the advent of video and movement monitors the options for keeping tabs on baby have significantly increased. Depending on what information you want to have from the baby's nursery, there is probably a baby monitor for that.

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