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Mom's Increasing Blood Volume

Pregnancy requires an increase in blood volume to keep mom and baby thriving
Thursday September 26, 2019
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The average soon to be mom's blood volume increases by almost 50%. This increase can cause your veins to work overtime to keep up with the flow and it requires an increase in hydration to support the cause. You may even see an expanded network of veins through your skin as your body works to transport nourishing blood to you and your growing fetus. These veins will be more apparent in women who are thin or fair skin. Some of these veins may develop into varicose veins, but this isn't a given and not something you should worry about as it isn't something you can control or change.

Other things you can look forward to this week include your growing abdomen which can cause round ligament pain as your uterus grows and stretches to accommodate your little fetus. Most doctors recommend a 3-5 pound weight gain in your first trimester though your sore breasts and bloated belly may make it feel like significantly more. If you were underweight prior to pregnancy or had a low body weight for your height, you may gain a little more than average throughout your pregnancy, which is normal. Soon you'll start to sport the tell-tale baby bump if you haven't already and your pants may be tight enough to consider purchasing your first pair of pregnancy pants or a belly band to prolong the life of your pre-pregnancy clothes.

You'll want to keep an eye out for hormone-driven symptoms including continued moodiness, morning sickness, and possible constipation as well.

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