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Learning and Final Prep

Educate yourself on newborns and finish getting what you'll need
Learning and Final Prep
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Thursday October 24, 2019

These last few weeks can often drag on endlessly. Using your time to read up on all things baby can help pass the time and give you much-needed information for surviving your little one's first few months of life.

Reading up on safe sleeping, basic diapering skills, and breastfeeding vs. bottle-feeding can provide you with the necessary information you'll need for facing your new role of parent with confidence and ease.

An excellent place to start is ensuring you have the essentials for his arrival and knowing what items you can live without. Many baby gear items are hard to live without, and some might take up valuable space and rarely get used. Choosing your basic requirements and waiting to purchase other things can save you money and hassle over time.

happiest baby on the block by harvey karp, md
Happiest Baby on the Block by Harvey Karp, MD
Credit: Amazon
We also like the Happiest Baby on the Block Book for tips on helping your little one relax and get some much-needed zzzs.