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Leaky Boobs

Given your close due date, your breast may kick in and start producing milk early
Leaky Boobs
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Friday October 25, 2019
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With only one week to go until you reach 40 weeks, your baby is considered full term. With this in mind, it is no surprise that your body is starting to ready itself for the next big mothering responsibility, breastfeeding.

Whether you plan to take advantage of the so-called liquid gold and easy ready to prepare meals that is breast milk or not, your body will prepare and start dispensing the stuff no matter what. You might have already started leaking a little from your nipples, and the colostrum can start any day now, even before the baby arrives. This leaking and advanced breastmilk is normal and expected at this point. However, it should only be minor, and your breast should not become engorged or painful during this time. If you experience pain, chapped nipples, or tightness and redness in your breasts, please let your doctor know, as it could be something that needs addressing.

If the discharge is significant or frequent, you may want to consider investing in some nursing pads to avoid an embarrassing situation. While this amount of leakage is usually reserved for mothers actively nursing, you don't want to find yourself at work with a wet blouse.

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