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Hello Fetus!

Your little growing clump of cells is now officially called a fetus
Hello Fetus!
Week 11 of pregnancy show how large the fetus is in relation to the pregnant woman.
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Friday September 27, 2019

Your little one is finally a fetus measuring 1.6 inches long from head to tushie and weighing about 0.25 ounces. These measurements make him or her about the size of a large strawberry or small lime. His head-to-body ratio is about 1:1, and his skin is see-through, which makes him look a little strange. The skin will begin to look more opaque and less see-through later this week.

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Recognizable features will include ears on the side of the head, appendages migrating to the front of the body, webless fingers and toes, and the start of a nose bump and nipples. Your little one's heart is pumping, and your doctor can now use a Doppler stethoscope to hear fetal heartbeats' rapid “swooshing” sound. His stomach is producing gastric juices, and he is also growing hair follicles and nail beds.

Your fetus is busy making tiny movements fluttering about, and hiccupping. However, you won't feel a thing until it gets bigger because its smaller size, open uterus space, and thicker uterine wall will limit your ability to feel these movements. It is only as the space in the uterus is filled, and the uterus stretches that you'll start to feel movement. Look for this exciting moment closer to 20 weeks, depending on the fetus' and your size.

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