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Growing Skin and Nails

The finer details of the human body are taking shape for finishing touches
Growing Skin and Nails
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Monday October 14, 2019

During week 28, your baby will form fingernails and toenails and skin creases on the hands and feet. The baby also now has eyelashes and eyebrows and will be practicing the open and close movements required on the outside. If you are feeling little flutters or spasms in your belly that lasts for a few minutes or a few hours it could be the baby having a bout of hiccups. While perfectly normal and nothing to be concerned about they do feel a little strange and may be hard to identify at first.

As the weeks pass, your baby will be gaining fat deposits and more of the creases and folds we have come to associate with cute full-term infants. This layer of fat will help the baby maintain a normal body temperature, as well as provide energy for the delivery process and immediately after birth before she has a chance to nurse.

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