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Goodbye Embryo!

Your little embryo graduates into a fetus this week
Goodbye Embryo!
Week 10 marks the end of the embryo and the beginning of your little one being called a fetus.
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Thursday September 26, 2019

This week marks the completion of the embryonic phase of organ development, and your little one graduates from embryo to fetus. Their stomach is producing gastric juices, and the kidneys are creating more urine, while the bones and cartilage are forming as their knees, ankles, and elbows are taking shape and getting ready to work. There is now more definition in the limbs as they move forward on their body, and the fingers and toes are lengthening and starting to look more defined and less like flipper paddles. At this stage, the arms are longer than the legs, and the hands are more developed than the feet. You can even hear the heartbeat via doppler at your doctor's office.

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Your fetus is about the size of a prune or strawberry, measuring an inch and a half long and weighing approximately 0.14 ounces. The fetus will nearly double in size over the next three weeks as the head rounds and clearly defined eyes, eyelids, nose, and earbuds develop. It even has tiny little tooth buds forming under the gums!

The sex organs also continue to form and develop this week as your fetus grows, either folds for labia or a penis. You won't be able to see them on ultrasound yet, so you'll need to be patient a little while longer before you plan that gender reveal party (if that is your thing).

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