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Full Term and Ready to Go

No need to rush your baby along, she will come when she is ready
Full Term and Ready to Go
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Friday October 25, 2019

There is no need to hurry baby along, she will show up when she is ready, and in the meantime, you are giving her much-needed antibodies and protein substances that will help protect her from bacteria and viruses for the first six months of life. These substances cross the placenta from you to the baby and are an essential part of her new immune system, along with nutrient and antibody dense breast milk after birth.

By now, your pelvic joints and ligaments are loose and ready to expand for delivery thanks to hormones designed to prepare your body for childbirth. You might be feeling anxious or worried about the birthing process, but try to stay calm and remember that you've got this! Your baby is about to be a real person resting in your arms.

Setting Realistic Expectations

Try to have realistic expectations about your body after childbirth. Many women think they will leave the hospital in their pre-pregnancy clothes, but it is far more likely you will look about six months pregnant after the baby is born. If you require any IV fluids during your stay, you might even be larger than when you went in thanks to fluid retention. Every woman's body is different as is every recovery period, so focus on taking care of your baby and eating right for now. Don't despair about your own body; if you keep eating healthy, the rest can be sorted out later. In the meantime, you can continue to wear the belly support products you might have purchased during pregnancy. These items can keep things tight and looking smooth under your clothes.

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