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Feeling Pregnant

Near the end of the first trimester you definitely feel pregnant
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Friday September 27, 2019
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Your clothes are feeling a little tight these days, and your breasts are tender. You might even be looking a little pregnant with a small baby bump that is more uterus than bloating. You might even be ready to invest in some comfy maternity clothes to grow into as your pregnancy progresses.

Thanks to increased progesterone, the smooth muscles in your digestive tract are relaxing, which is slowing your digestion to give more time for nutrient absorption to support fetus growth and your health. These nutrients will go straight to your fetus and the production of the placenta, which is great for the fetus, but it can cause bloating, gas, and burping for you. Your growing uterus also places pressure on your digestive system that can cause feelings of bloat and upset. While you'll want to choose the most nutritious foods for all this growth, you can help avoid some of the intestinal turmoil by skipping gas producers (broccoli, beans, etc.) and junk foods like fried things and soda. Grazing instead of binging can also help prevent some of the discomfort associated with digestive upset.

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Getting the right nutrients is essential for you and the developing fetus and placenta. If you don't get enough of certain nutrients, it can cause trouble like painful leg cramps and constipation. Be sure to drink plenty of water and stretch your legs regularly to help avoid pain and double-check that your diet includes enough potassium and magnesium because a lack of these nutrients can lead to cramping which can interfere with sleep. Include fiber-rich food, both grain and fruits, and vegetables.

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