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Eyes on the Prize

Think fertile thoughts, this is the week of ovulation
Eyes on the Prize
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Wednesday September 18, 2019

If you become pregnant this month, this week will be what your doctor considers your first week of pregnancy, even though nothing is happening by way of a growing baby. Your uterus is hard at work prepping itself for a fertilized egg by creating a thick lining of blood and nutrients for egg implantation. Whether or not an egg and sperm will meet up this month remains to be seen, but your body prepares for implantation just in case the meet-cute of sperm and egg occurs.

Because your exact moment of ovulation (when the sperm meets the egg) can be challenging to calculate, your caregiver uses the first day of your last period for calculations. While technically you are not pregnant at this point, this is typically a clear and easy day to identify; certainly easier than when did a sperm say hello to your ovum.

If you are planning or trying to become pregnant, it is a good time to discuss any chronic medical conditions or medication you take with your caregiver. It is important to discuss medications with your doctor as some are not compatible with pregnancy. You may need changes or alterations to ensure a successful pregnancy without harming your fetus. Chronic medical conditions can also impact pregnancy and could cause potential problems getting or staying pregnant.

Keep your eye on the prize for the next couple of weeks, as it is important to be in your best shape when contemplating a journey like pregnancy. Take your prenatal vitamins, exercise regularly, eat well and keep your weight under control.

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