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Editors' Choice Award
Best for a preschooler, this set of stainless steel cutlery is effortless to clean, durable, and long-lasting until your child is ready for adult utensils
Top Pick Award
Child-friendly cutlery that includes a knife, designed with little eaters and hands in mind, but is more expensive than most
Best Value Award
A toddler utensil set with a unique handle that keeps the stainless steel tip off the table but is harder to clean
Toddler utensils with rounded edges, slightly curved handles, and comes with a carry case for travel but the spork design isn't for everyone
Budget-friendly toddler utensils that are basic, plastic, and get the job done, but the lighter colors may stain
A toddler utensil set that is shorter in size and features a wide, chunky handle with a fun design but the graphics might peel off over time
Plastic spoon and fork set that is short, stubby, and helpful for little hands but may not be the best for older kids with more dexterity
Although basic and harder to use, this plastic option may appeal to someone on the tightest budget