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Editors' Choice Award
An effective ultrasonic unit that is easy to use but somewhat more challenging to clean
Best Value Award
Effective humidifier with a wallet-friendly price that is somewhat loud but very effective
Top Pick Award
A compact humidifier that is effective in smaller spaces with parts that can all be washed in soap and water
Simple, quiet ultrasonic humidification, but best for smaller spaces
Top Pick Award
Cute, baby-centric option that is super quiet and easy to clean but it is less effective than most of the competition
A louder ultrasonic option that is small and less effective than most but easy to clean and lower in price
Cute humidifier that is best for smaller spaces but somewhat harder to clean
This effective compact unit is relatively quiet but it is harder to clean and use than much of the competition
Quieter humidifier but is comparatively ineffective and harder to clean and use than the competition we tested
Loud and less effective humidifier that is also less expensive and takes up less space
While this unit is one of the quieter options, it is one of the least effective, harder to use and clean options