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Editors' Choice Award
A green diaper with great absorbency and a comfy fit, but the leak protection is somewhat lacking
Editors' Choice Award
Keeps baby drier and leak-free in a cozy diaper with a reasonable price and availability
Top Pick Award
Very earth-friendly, healthy choice with high absorption but disappointing comfort and durability performance
Higher scoring diaper with average absorbency and better leak protection but disappointing durability
Top Pick Award
A comfy, durable, and baby-healthy option with okay leak protection, but it isn't the best for absorption
Best Value Award
An affordable diaper that holds up well and is comfortable to wear with better health and ecology scores than similarly priced options
A comfy and durable diaper with acceptable performance, but it doesn't consider the environment or a baby's health
Budget-friendly, durable option that isn't eco-friendly but offers some health attributes
With poor absorption test results, this expensive option isn't the best despite its better environment and health results
A durable and comfy diaper but poor performance for absorption and health considerations
Lacking leak protection and a low absorption rate means potential for diaper rash and messes with this otherwise comfortable diaper
Poor absorption results create the potential for skin irritation despite better leak protection and a comfortable fit
This option has fewer leaks and is eco-friendly but the disappointing absorption results make it a pass in our opinion
Below average absorption and average leakage with a higher price tag make this a healthier but disappointing green option
Comfortable choice with few leaks, but poor absorption could leave baby's skin irritated and there is no consideration for health or the environment
Disappointing absorption and a higher price can't be overcome with comfortable materials
Disappointing absorption and leak results make this comfortable choice a no-go no matter what your diapering goals
Unfortunately, despite the benefits of a lower price, it has lower performance in key metrics like leaks and absorption