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Lansinoh mOmma Spill Proof Cup Review

Interesting design, hard to use
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lansinoh momma spill proof cup transition sippy review
Credit: Micah Micah James
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Manufacturer:   Lansinoh
By Juliet Spurrier, MD & Wendy Schmitz  ⋅  Mar 4, 2014

The Skinny

This cup was easy to clean, just as advertised. We like the limited parts, and how easy they were to take apart and put back together; plus, it didn't leak. However, this cup was heavier than the other cups we tested, it was awkward to hold and maneuver, and it was harder than average to drink from. All this, coupled with a low score in eco-health, meant the Lansinoh cup was hard to rave about. This cup did score a 65 out of 100, which meant it was better than many of its competition, but it still didn't score high enough to earn any awards, or really turn a parent's head. It wasn't the worst cup, but it wasn't that great either.
Fun design
Hard to drink

Our Analysis and Test Results

Lansinoh mOmma Spill Proof Cup has a silicone spout that opens only when baby drinks. The round innovative design of the cup is supposed to be engaging to babies. The handles are soft and sit on either side of a very round and larger than average cup. This cup is made with BPA-free plastic, designed in Italy, and made in China. It is available online and in some stores.

Performance Comparison

lansinoh momma spill proof cup transition sippy review - babies were drawn to the shape of this unique cup
Babies were drawn to the shape of this unique cup
Credit: BabyGearLab Staff


We liked that this cup had a soft silicone spout that would be easy on little gums. The spout was easier to drink from than some other cups, but it still wasn't a crowd pleaser. It was easy to clean, and didn't require any special tools, just a little massaging.

lansinoh momma spill proof cup transition sippy review - momma had only a few easy to assemble parts to clean
mOmma had only a few easy to assemble parts to clean
Credit: Micah James
The cleaning of this cup was refreshing. There weren't many parts and they were all easy to clean. Because we suggest cleaning plastic cups by hand even if they are dishwasher safe, given the potential for some plastic to degrade when heated, we were pleasantly surprised at how simple and quick it was to clean.

This cup also did well in our leakage tests. It didn't leak in the upside down test, and its unique design meant it wouldn't even stay on its side for the side test. It earned a 10 of 10 for leaks. It was exactly what you expect a leak-proof cup to be, leak proof.

We also liked that his cup dared to be a little different. It was not the run of the mill, blend in with all the other cup designs, and that meant it stood out not just to us, but to the baby in-house testers as well. If a cup can draw in a baby without having to be full of color, or a recognizable character, it is doing something well, that we feel should be noted.


lansinoh momma spill proof cup transition sippy review - the valve in this spout made the lansinoh difficult to drink out of
The valve in this spout made the Lansinoh difficult to drink out of
Credit: Micah James
The drinking valve on this cup was harder to drink from than many of the competition in our tests. While the cup didn't earn the bottom of the barrel score of 1, which a few cups did, it didn't eek out higher than a 3 either. In our tests we felt this cup lacked in the ease of sucking department, and if a baby can't drink from a cup, it probably won't be used. Even when we attempted to use the cup in a similar suckling motion as babies might use to drink from a bottle, we didn't have much success. It was almost as if we had to bite the spout while trying to suck in order to get liquid from it.

This cup also didn't do well for eco-health. While the spout was silicone, which earned it 5 points, the body was plastic which only received 3 points. Even though the plastic was listed as BPA-free, we still could not find information on what the plastic was made of. So without more information on specific components plastics used in the cups in our test, we rated them all with a 3 for eco-health, and gave higher scores to the inert glass ands stainless steel options. In addition, the difficult to suck from spout meant
lansinoh momma spill proof cup transition sippy review - the weeble wobble design of this cup made it harder than the average...
The weeble wobble design of this cup made it harder than the average cup to set down
Credit: BabyGearLab Staff
that the American Dental Association's desire for a no valve cup, one that requires little sucking action, wasn't even sort of met. Better oral hygiene might be attained in no valve cup or one where little sucking is required.

This cup also did not score well for its weight, or grip-ability. The cup was heavy compared to many of the other cups we tested, as well as for a plastic cups, which tended to be lighter overall. The handles were far apart and strangely awkward, possibly due to the unique design that made us like the cup in the first place.


This really is kind of a cool cup on the surface. The unique design draws in adults as well as babies. The squat body means the cup acts almost like a weeble wobble (weebles, wobble but they don't fall down), and is hard to knock down. However, the same design means it is hard to set the cup down properly on a first go, and that the handles are widely set and awkward to hold. Given the low eco-health score, and the low ease of sucking score of 3 of 10, this cup really failed to impress us beyond its intriguing good looks. Sure, it didn't leak, but the non-leaking spout was also a non-drinking spout when we tested it. This really isn't a cup we would recommend. It was an interesting novelty, that lacked follow through on the basics of what a sippy cup should be, sipable.

If you are looking for a good lightweight easy to use plastic cup at a reasonable price, check out our Best Value ar=ward winner, Gerber Graduates Sip n Smile. This cup was super easy to use, didn't leak and was relatively inexpensive. It scored an impressive 79 of 100, this highest of any plastic cup we tested.

Juliet Spurrier, MD & Wendy Schmitz

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