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Thermos Foogo Phase 2 Insulated Review

Thermos Foogo Phase 2 Insulated
Price:   $17.00 List | $15.94 at Amazon - 6% off
Pros:  Stainless Steel, insulated, leak proof
Cons:  Harder to clean and drink from than other steel cups, heavy
Bottom line:  Not a bad cup if you want stainless steel, insulated, and a hard spout.
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Manufacturer:   Thermos

The Skinny

The Thermos Foogo Phase 2 Insulated sippy is much like its Phase 3 brother, which means we sort of love the throw back styling of this sippy. This cup scored well in our tests for leaks, better than the brother, and impressed testers with its eco-health attributes. Overall it wasn't a bad little cup ranking 8 out of 21. This cup only fell short of earning better marks for being a little harder than average to drink from and clean. While not an award winner, and not even in the top 5, there were several things we liked that made it a cup we would suggest for those kids who prefer a hard spout to a straw, like the one found in our Top Pick for insulated sippy Thermos Foogo Phase 3 Insulated.

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Our Analysis and Hands-on Test Results

Review by:
Juliet Spurrier, MD and Wendy Schmitz

Last Updated:
March 4, 2014

The Thermos Foogo Phase 2 Insulated sippy uses vacuum insulation technology for maximum temperature retention for perishable liquid contents. It is made with BPA-free durable stainless steel, that has a slightly contoured body for an easy grip. The cup has an easy clean valve, interchangeable lids, and is sweat-proof to avoid water rings, and slippery hand accidents. This cup is dishwasher safe, and comes in different designs for both boys and girls. The Phase 2 is widely available at many stores and online.

Performance Comparison

This photo shows a variety of toddler sippy cups
This photo shows a variety of toddler sippy cups


The Foogo Phase 2 has a hard spout and interchangeable lid with other Foogo lids and spout options
The Foogo Phase 2 has a hard spout and interchangeable lid with other Foogo lids and spout options
We liked that his cup was interchangeable with other Foogoo lids. This meant that once you buy the cup, you can change the lid as your child grows, or their preferences change. So if a hard spout turns out not to be what lights their fire, you can easily swap the top for a straw lid with attached cap.

In general, the design of this cup seems very thoughtful. While it might be heavier than other cups, due to the use of steel and being insulated, Thermos has put several nice touches to the design to make up for this. It has a rubber type bottom that helps stabilize cup as children set it down. It has a slight contoured shape to increase grip-ability, and sweat proof vacuum sealed insulation, so the cup isn't messy in a diaper bag, or cause slippery hands.

We also liked that this cup didn't leak. It scored well in both tests, and outscored its Phase 3 brother in this metric. The Eco Vessel Stainless Steel Insulated also did well in this metric, but it was harder to drink from than the Foogo Phase 2.
The sweat proof design meant little hands wouldn't get slippery
The sweat proof design meant little hands wouldn't get slippery
Probably our biggest like of this cup was its stainless steel construction. Steel meant no possible leaching of chemicals, full recyclability, durable long lasting construction, and dishwasher safe without having to worry about heat influenced degradation. All of this amounted to a cup that scored well for eco-health. If the valve and spout had been made of silicone this cup would have knocked it out of the park and swept the ratings for eco-health.


This cup was a little harder to drink from than others we tested. While it wasn't the worst with a score of 5 of 10, it also wasn't the best and we would have liked to see it improve. Its top contender, the Eco Vessel Stainless Steel Insulated with NUK Spout, was even harder to drink from earning our lowest score of 1 of 10, but the Thermos Phase 3 was significantly better earning a 10 for this metric. This cup also suffered due to harder than average sucking, by not aligning with the American Dental Association's recommendation for a valve free cup. Given that valve free indicates no sucking required, necessitating increased sucking meant this cup wasn't even close to the ADA ideal.
Two piece valve construction fits inside the lid
Two piece valve construction fits inside the lid
We also didn't like how many pieces and parts there were to this cup. Not only did this make it a little harder to clean and assemble, but it meant more parts to lose, misplace, or break. We would like to see a valve spout combo with fewer overall components.


There is nothing overtly wrong, or unlikeable about this cup. It does was a sippy is supposed to do, and it does with insulation. However, its brother Phase 3, really was a better insulated cup. So, if you are looking for an insulated cup, then we would definitely tell you to go with our Top Pick for insulated, given that they are about the same price too. However, if you toddler has trouble with straws(the ADA preferred spout type), or you just don't like that the Phase 3 requires a special straw brush, then there is nothing wrong with this cup, and we would recommend it. In the end, perhaps it is a nice midway cup that will allow toddlers to graduate to the straw valve in style, while you save a little money on a reusable body.
Juliet Spurrier, MD and Wendy Schmitz

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