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Klean Kanteen Kid Kanteen Review

Klean Kanteen Kid Kanteen
Price:   $18.00 List | $17.95 at Amazon
Pros:  Eco-healthy, easy to use and clean, few leaks, durable
Cons:  Heavy, painted versions chip easily, no sleeve accessory, expensive
Bottom line:  Heavy but well-liked by kids. Hand-wash painted versions to avoid chipping.
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Manufacturer Age Recommendation:  Not specified
Available Capacities (ounces):  12 oz
Empty Weight (ounces):  4.9 oz
Manufacturer:   Klean Kanteen

The Skinny

The Kleen Kanteen ranked number 6 out of 21 cups we tested. It offered a hardy stainless steel body, with a hard plastic spout and silicone valve; which helped it earn a 8 out of 10 in the eco-health category. The cup did well in our leakage tests, but only came in average for ease of use overall. We liked many things about this cup, but honestly we were hoping it would do better in our tests. While it was easy to clean and failed to leak, it didn't score better due to its heavier than average weight, and lack of grip assistance design. So, while it might not have been able to crack the top 5 cups in our tests, or win any awards, it was a cup we liked and felt had potential. We may not recommend you rush out and buy it, given its higher than average price tag, but you would probably be pleased if you did.

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Our Analysis and Hands-on Test Results

Review by:
Juliet Spurrier, MD and Wendy Schmitz

Last Updated:
March 4, 2014

The Kleen Kanteen Sippy Cup for Toddlers is made of 18/8, food-grade stainless steel that has been electropolished, so it does not retain odors or impart flavors. It is made with only rounded corners, and a removable valve for easy cleaning.
Klean Kanteen Kid Kanteen w/ 3.0 Sports Cap
The Kanteen has a slim design to fit in most cup holders, a loop for attaching the cup to other objects, and a dust cover to help keep the spout clean, and free of debris. This cup comes with a lifetime warranty, and has interchangeable mouthpieces to use as toddlers grow. It comes in a variety of colors or natural steel, and is available in some stores and widely online.

Performance Comparison

A variety of Toddler Sippy Cups
A variety of Toddler Sippy Cups


The Kleen Kanteen has a no nonsense style that forgoes all the frills and additions that a lot of other cups we tested had. This cup has a narrow design that allows it to fit easily in most cup holders. The cup has few parts, is easy to take apart and reassemble, and it doesn't take any special tools to clean it besides a basic bottle brush.
The Kanteen has few pieces and different spout options which makes it good for various ages and increases its longevity
The Kanteen has few pieces and different spout options which makes it good for various ages and increases its longevity
The cup did well in the leak category by earning a 9 of 10. While it got a perfect score for the sideways leak test, it did leak slightly when upside down. However, we didn't feel this was a deal breaker, because the amount was minimal, and it was not constant or even consistent, but more of a random drip. The cup comes with a detachable lid, that while not intended to stop leaks, it certainly can prevent the few drops from escaping that we witnessed during our tests.

We also like this cup for eco-health. Not only was the stainless steel body construction great for kids health by avoiding any possibly leaching chemicals or lead, but it is also is made form recycled materials, can be recycled, and is manufactured by a Certified B Corporation, which means it :

"meets rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency"

This cup is kid and Earth friendly
This cup is kid and Earth friendly
So you can rest easy knowing you are doing something great for your kids, and for the environment to boot. This cup also had a great silicone valve, which we prefer over plastic.

This cup was easier to drink from than many of it's competitors and that gave it slightly better marks for aligning with the American Dental Association's recommendation for a valve free cup. If less sucking is required, then there is a better chance of good oral hygiene.


Kanteen is heavier than many of the cups we tested, but there were cups that scored lower for weighing more, like the Eco Vessel Stainless Steel and Lifefactory Glass Sippy. However, the heavier weight was expected given the stainless steel construction, and it was still lighter than our Editors' Choice winner the Pura Kiki Toddler. However, unlike the aforementioned cups, this cup did not offer any additions that made the cup easier to hold like a silicone sleeve, or handles. So it lost points for being heavy, and hard to grip.


The small design of this cup  helped offset the heavier stainless steel construction
The small design of this cup, helped offset the heavier stainless steel construction
Overall, we like this cup. It has a lot of the factors we look for when choosing a sippy cup, like few leaks and inert materials (steel and glass). However, it failed to score well in all metrics, which kept it from being an award winner. A rank of 6 out of 21 means it is nothing to sneeze at, and you will probably be very pleased with this cup should you choose to purchase one, but you might balk at the higher price tag for a cup that failed to break the top 5 in our tests. So, while we may prefer it over the plastic cups we tested, it failed to live up to other stainless steel cups, Pura Kiki Toddler and Thermos Foogo Phase 3 Insulated, both award winners in our sippy cup testing.
Juliet Spurrier, MD and Wendy Schmitz