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Fisher-Price Healthy Care Deluxe Review

Best Value, functional, durable and easy to clean
Editors' Choice Award
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Price:   $35 List | $56 at Amazon
Pros:  Two dining tray and cover, tray and height adjustments, easy to clean.
Cons:  Bulky
Manufacturer:   Fisher-Price
By Juliet Spurrier, MD and Lindsay Selig  ⋅  Jun 16, 2018
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The Skinny

The Fisher-Price Healthy Care Deluxe Booster Seat earned our Editors Choice Award for being the Best Toddler Booster. It was a strong performer across the board in ease of use, safety, quality, and ease of cleaning. The only area in which it did not excel was portability, mostly due to its bulky nature. This is a strong contender to be a primary high chair for babies 1 year and upwards with a max weight of 50 pounds if parents are looking for something that will take up less space than a full-size option. It has an adjustable, removable dining tray and adjustable height so it will adapt to baby's growth and development.

Our Analysis and Test Results

The Fisher-Price Healthy Care Deluxe Booster Seat is quite a versatile chair for children that have enough upper body control to sit up unassisted. Though on the bulkier side in terms of portability, it can be taken on the go when needed with a fold-down seat back and carry strap. The booster secures itself to any dining chair by strapping around the back and the bottom of really any chair (except for a restaurant booth), preventing any sliding and movement while your child is eating. The seat includes a removable feeding tray and snap-on lid with cover for dining or even multiple courses. Also, the chair has three different height adjustments to adapt to a child's development, use with different children, and a variety of seat and dining surface heights. It features an easily adjustable 3-point harness.

Performance Comparison

The Fisher-Price Healthy Care Deluxe easily secures onto a full-size chair for a family meal.
The Fisher-Price Healthy Care Deluxe easily secures onto a full-size chair for a family meal.

Ease Of Use

The Fisher-Price earned the Editors' Choice award, alongside the Inglesina Fast Table Chair. Easy to set up, versatile, and well-liked by all of our toddler testers, it was a favorite in our review. The booster seat fits almost all dining chairs and can be secured with two chair straps (1 underneath the seat and 1 behind the seat back) which are easily and widely adjustable with simple attachment clasps. Getting baby secured into the 3-point waist harness is easy with the tray removed, and the seat has nice sturdy back and side support. Should baby dine with the tray, a second layer snaps on along with a cover make clean up easier. If you're using the table as the toddlers dining area, the seat is adjustable to meet various height requirements for both child and table.

The sturdy straps were easy to wrap around the back and under side of the chair.
The three height adjustments come in handy for a growing child.

Safety and Quality

When strapped to a dining chair, the Healthy Care Deluxe has a nice sturdy feel, good support for baby, a secure 3-point harness, and overall great durability. Its hard plastic easily resists wear and tear, and its high sides and sturdy seat back provide sufficient upper body support for a toddler. The snap-on tray provides an additional level of security when it is put to use.

Easy to use 3-point harness
Easy to use 3-point harness


The Healthy Care Deluxe struggled somewhat in portability due to its bulkiness and lack of a bag. At a weight of 4.7 pounds, the bulk is manageable, especially with the included shoulder straps, but some of the other chairs we reviewed are much easier to carry. Chairs that have the ability to fold down flat and come equipped with a carry bag, or fabric harness style chairs make a huge difference when toting these products around town.

The back of the chair folds down and the tray attaches to the top.
The release tab for folding the back of the chair down.

Ease Of Cleaning

The Fisher-Price was by far one of the easiest of all of the portable high chairs in our review to clean. The hard plastic that the chair is made of can easily be wiped down with a wet washcloth or even taken outside for a quick rinse with the hose if things get really messy. Both of the trays and the cover are top-rack of the dishwasher safe, but we recommend hand washing them in the sink to retain the integrity of the plastic and to avoid chemical leaching into baby's food. There are very few hidden crevices where food can get stuck and very little difficult to clean fabric that may retain odor and get stinky over time. In fact, the Fisher-Price's straps are the only fabric pieces on the chair and they are removable and can be hand washed, eliminating the dreaded gunk pile up.

The two trays were a breeze to rinse off in the sink.
The two trays were a breeze to rinse off in the sink.

Best Applications

This would be ideal for parents who would like to have an extra highchair at grandma's house or even on hand for when friends who have little ones visit. It is a true workhorse and is extremely versatile with its removable, adjustable tray and multiple height adjustments. We wouldn't recommend it for travel as it is just too bulky to be lugging everywhere, but for the more long-term trips and outings, this is a clean and secure option to have on hand that is guaranteed to fit on almost any chair.


For the budget savvy, this is an exceptional value considering how long you will be able to use it. It includes two dining trays with a cover as well as a carry strap. It is highly durable, and with a max weight of 50 pounds, it will go the distance and can last through multiple children. This really could be the only high chair a family would need at all.


An awesome booster seat that is versatile, durable, and easy to use and clean, the Fisher-Price Healthy Care Deluxe will be there for your child during mealtimes all through baby and toddlerhood at a great value that won't break the bank. It is our favorite booster-style chair in this review and we highly recommend it.

Other Versions and Accessories

Fisher-Price SpaceSaver
Fisher-Price SpaceSaver
Fisher Price also manufactures the Fisher Price SpaceSaver which attaches to dining chairs but is a bit bulkier and more expensive. It does come with a 5-point harness that converts to a 3-point as your child ages.

Juliet Spurrier, MD and Lindsay Selig