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Baby Bjorn
Top Pick Award
Price:   $300.00 List | $159.00 at Amazon - 47% off
Pros:  Easy to clean, folds flat for storage, promotes great posture
Cons:  Buckles do not remove, doesn't maneuver on floors well, small size
Bottom line:  This chair did not disappoint, was a breeze to assemble and keep clean, and kept a squirmy toddler safely in place.
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Age Range:  6 Mo to 3 Years; Under 38" Tall, No Weight Range Stated
Harness:  Lap Belt with Two Buckles, Tray with Safety Post Secures Baby
Recline and Adjustments:  No
Manufacturer:   BabyBjorn

The Skinny

At first glance, we wondered if the seemingly small and overly simple Baby Bjorn high chair could indeed handle the occupants it claims, ranging from baby all the way to toddlers pushing the upper age limit of three years old. However, we quickly realized that not only did our older baby fit in this chair just as well as our favorite (and much larger) Peg Perego Siesta, but they did so with ease, and without extra space to collect food, or worse, squirm free. The stylish design uses the tray for a dual purpose, integrating it as part of the baby's restraint system. This is necessary since there are no shoulder straps like on many of our other high chairs with 5-point restraint systems. Made from durable, chemical-free plastic, it is easy to wipe clean and has no crevices for food to get stuck in. Best of all, it folds nice and flat for storage or travel. Read on to discover more about why we gave this little powerhouse our Top Pick Award for Light and Compact.

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Our Analysis and Test Results

Review by:
Jessica Stevenson & BabyGearLab Team

Last Updated:
May 21, 2015

The sleek and stylish Baby Bjorn high chair is one that will quickly become a staple in your collection of baby equipment. With its simple black-and-white design, it is bound to fit into most kitchens and dining rooms without looking flashy. Plus, if it does seem like it's getting in the way, or you need to bring it with you for a long weekend, no problem. It folds to an astonishing 10" deep, and can easily be stored in the pantry, closet, or trunk of a car. Our baby tester was always fully supported by the 3-point pelvic belt and tray, without having her arms constrained by a shoulder harnesses. Keep this chair clean by simply wiping it down, and snapping off the snack tray for a quick wash in the sink. Then all you have to do is sit back, relax (ha, ha!!), and wait for the next feeding!
Although the tray on this super-compact chair is on the smaller side  it still easily held a standard toddler-sized plate.
Although the tray on this super-compact chair is on the smaller side, it still easily held a standard toddler-sized plate.

About the Company

Baby Bjorn was created in 1961 by a man named Bjorn Jakobson and is still a family-run business today. Mr. Bjorn himself and his wife, Lillemor, still play an active role as CEO and head designer. The company is committed to providing products that will last a long time and stay in good condition, as they believe that just because you have children doesn't mean you should buy a lot of "stuff". They stand behind their core principles of safety, quality, and style for every product they manufacture, starting back with their first baby carrier in 1973.

Performance Comparison

Ease of Use

Truly, the Bjorn scored well all around, and earned itself an 8 of 10 for ease of use. The tray has a large knob underneath that you squeeze and then turn to release down, and then squeeze and turn again to lock it back in the upright position. This aspect of the chair was self-explanatory, and our reviewer quickly figured it out. The buckles are a straightforward 3-point pelvic belt that are easy enough to adjust.

The sturdy fabric behind the buckles helps to avoid any pinches.
The sturdy fabric behind the buckles helps to avoid any pinches.
Behind the center buckle is a nice sturdy piece of fabric with soft backing that will protect your baby's belly from any pinches. However, the buckles do not feature a one-hand release, like our other Editors' Award winner, the Peg Perego Siesta. Although this chair does not accommodate newborn infants, it will perfectly support your baby from 6 months up to three years of age. Our baby sat in a nice, ergonomically correct position, with her feet resting nicely on the footrest and her back supported by the sleek, rounded design of the chair. What wasn't so easy to figure out based on parent-intuition only was the two-step fold process. Good thing it also includes a quality instruction manual.

Room to spare!  Even at 24 pounds and 31" long  baby still had plenty of leg room under the tray of the Bjorn.
Room to spare! Even at 24 pounds and 31" long, baby still had plenty of leg room under the tray of the Bjorn.
Our ease of use metric also accounted for how well the chair accommodated baby throughout their development. This is where other reviewers felt the Bjorn may have lacked, with some commenting on how it did not fit their child who was 37" long. The manufacturer clearly states that this chair is for children under 38" tall, so of course only one inch less would be pushing the envelope. Our baby tester, however, was only 31" tall at the time of testing, and had at least 2.5" of space between the tops of her knees and the bottom of the tray (while her feet were flat on the footrest). Therefore, this was not an issue for us, but keep in mind that once your child reaches around 37" long, you may find leg space to be an issue.

Ease of Cleaning

When it comes to ease of cleaning, this chair blew away the competition, earning a perfect 10 of 10. It literally has no crevices for food to get caught in, no big base for food to land on, no cushions to stain, and no inserts to lift up or remove and machine wash. Simply wipe down this chair when your baby is done eating, and you're good to go until the next meal. It's tray depth adjustments even allow you to put the tray nice and snug against baby's belly to prevent extra crumbs from finding their way down to baby's legs. The snack tray easily snaps off with two hands if you'd like to remove it for a wash before taking baby out. There is no need to lower the main tray to remove the snack tray.
With the black snack tray removed  the entire chair is simple to quickly wipe clean.
With the black snack tray removed, the entire chair is simple to quickly wipe clean.


Not surprisingly, this chair also delivered in terms of quality, earning an 8 of 10. To say that the chair is well designed is quite the understatement. It features just exactly the right amount of chair with the smallest footprint and most lightweight material possible, all while keeping baby safe and secure at the same time. Don't let the small size of this chair be mistaken for less stability, as it was certainly stable enough to handle our squirmy toddler. Baby was always properly supported and restrained by the 3-point harness, and the seat depth and curved back seemed almost custom-fit to our toddler tester. Lastly, the tray and crotch post, a feature unique to this chair, stayed attached to the chair as part of the restraint system itself. Since the chair does not have a recline feature, and your baby sits upright in an ergonomically correct position, there is still no danger of baby slipping once you release the tray down.

Ease of Set Up

Earning the best score of the bunch with a 9 of 10, the Bjorn was a breeze to set up. Simply snap in the four leg posts, and it's time to eat! The instructions provided by the company were fairly simple to understand, and our grand total setup time for this chair was a whopping 2 minutes 39 seconds. Not too shabby. In fact, it probably took us longer to figure out how to tip the tray up for folding than it did to assemble the entire piece.

Footprint and Portability

The slim profile shows just how easily this chair can be stored away when not in use.
The slim profile shows just how easily this chair can be stored away when not in use.
With it's little frame, this chair earned an 8 of 10 for footprint and portability, tying with the Stokke Tripp Trapp. This chair will only take up about 454 square inches in your kitchen, and very little space when folded up inside the pantry or closet. Like several of our other chairs, it does not have wheels. Some others, like the Keekaroo Height Right, earned themselves a couple extra points for the ability to slide across the floor, even without wheels. However, this is not the case with the Bjorn. The actual feet are quite small, and we could not slide it around our tile kitchen without those tiny feet getting stuck in the grout lines. Make sure that you don't need to move baby more than a few inches once they are secured in the chair ready to eat. And of course, always follow the safety guidelines in the owner's manual provided by the company.

In terms of overall portability, it doesn't get much easier than this unless you are specifically looking for a travel booster seat (in which case, you should definitely check out our review on The Best Portable High Chair).

Best Applications

This chair is best suited for someone who is looking for a quality, reliable seat that has a minimalistic design while still getting the job done. Some users were put off by the small size of this chair, so consider this your "warning": This chair is small. But do remember the old adage: Good things come in small packages. And in the case of the Baby Bjorn high chair, this remains true.


With a $300 list price, this is one of the most expensive chairs we tested, but its simplicity, performance and quality made the price worth it, in our opinion.


Although at first glance this chair seems small  it is actually built to accommodate toddlers  and does so quite well!
Although at first glance this chair seems small, it is actually built to accommodate toddlers, and does so quite well!
In conclusion, this is a quality product that is well worth the money in our opinion, and will last you just about until your child is ready to sit in a regular chair around the dining table. It doesn't have any of the fancy height, recline or footrest adjustments that some of the other chairs offer, because this chair is meant for one task and one task only: eating in an ergonomically correct position. There will be no doubt in your baby's mind that it is time for food, and only food. Not a nap, not playing with toys, not hanging out, but eating. You will most definitely enjoy the no-nonsense nature of the Baby Bjorn while your child is little and you have lots of other distractions going on.

Other Versions and Accessories

At this time, Baby Bjorn offers only one high chair in two other color options: light green and light pink.


Jessica Stevenson & BabyGearLab Team

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