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Spectra DEW 350 Hospital Grade Review

Smartly designed closed system pump, but still doesn't stand up to our award winners
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spectra dew 350 hospital grade breast pump review
Spectra DEW 350 Hospital Grade
Credit: Spectra
Price:  $200 List
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Manufacturer:   Spectra baby USA
By Lindsay Smith and Curtis Smith  ⋅  Mar 4, 2014
  • Efficiency - 30% 6.0
  • Comfort - 20% 4.0
  • Ease of Use - 25% 6.0
  • Portability - 10% 5.0
  • Hygiene - 10% 9.0
  • Accoustics - 5% 8.0

The Skinny

The Spectra DEW 350 Hospital Grade has been discontinued.
Cheaper parts
The DEW 350 is Spectra's answer for moms who are looking for a good hygienic pump, but don't want to shell out a pretty penny for their premium pump, the Spectra S1 (also our Editors' Choice pick). We like that the hygienic system on the DEW 350 is still in-line with the S1, and compared to other pumps we tested, hard to beat. We did however struggle with the lack of digital controls or memory functions to save our pump settings, and it just didn't provide as reliable of a suction as we'd like.

Our Analysis and Test Results

Performance Comparison

spectra dew 350 hospital grade breast pump review - all components shown here.
All components shown here.
Credit: Micah James

Spectra is a company owned and run by Registered Nurses and Lactation consultants who are also moms, and boy does it shows. They first appeared in Australian and European markets, but recently started selling pumps in the United States. The Spectra DEW 350 is the more "affordable" pump that Spectra offers. Their other unit, the Spectra S1, was our Editors' Choice Award winner. While we did not pick this pump for an award, it does offer a lot of positive features for the mom looking to spend a little less.


We scored this pump at a 6/10 for efficiency. It landed right in the middle here for a couple of reasons. First, we didn't feel that the breast flanges created as good of a suction as some of the other pumps we tested. Not necessarily due to the fit but more because the breast flange is an all-in-one piece and just didn't work as well for us as some of the others did. Secondly, the pump seems to struggle when heading towards the top end of the "power" spectrum. As you continue pumping, you need a pump with some power, and this pump just didn't deliver as much as we like.


This pump scored on the low end for comfort. This was mainly due to the motor operation. This pump creates more of a harsh tug on your breast rather than the easy pull we were looking for. It only has one dial on the pump to adjust speed and suction, and we found it was just too easy to turn it up higher than expected and experience pain from the harsh tugging it creates.

Ease of use

spectra dew 350 hospital grade breast pump review
Credit: Micah James
We gave this pump a 6/10 for ease of use. While it is simple to set up, we scored it right in the middle due to the dial function and the lack of suction created by the pump. We felt that due to the inefficiency of these two components it was much more difficult to use. Also, all the parts are very light and flimsy. You can easily see why this is the cheaper Spectra pump.


This pump scored mid-range on portability. It doesn't have a battery option so an outlet is necessary for power. While the unit itself is easy to move, it does not come with a tote bag or insulated bag for transporting stored milk. The company did recently add a "Deluxe Option" that includes extra bottles, a tote bag and an insulated cooler for about $100 more.


spectra dew 350 hospital grade breast pump review - the pump with the tubing connected to it.  you can see the...
The pump with the tubing connected to it. You can see the "back-flow hygienic protectors" connected to the tubing.
Credit: Lindsay Smith
Hygiene is an area that Spectra excels in as a company. Both pumps we tested offer a closed system. They also boast specially designed "backflow hygienic protectors", created to prevent the tubing from building up condensation, which can in turn pose a risk of mold and/or mildew developing.


This is definitely one of the quieter pumps we tested. It may even be suitable for night pumping next to a partner and/or your baby. It's not completely silent so technically they would be able to hear it, but we think most people, and especially an infant, could sleep through the sound this pump makes.

Best Applications

This pump is meant for a working mom, exclusive pumper or regular pumper (more than three times a week). It only has an AC adapter (no battery) so you would need to make sure to always have an outlet available.


The basic model we tested with no tote or insulated bag retails for $169.99 which we feel is a bit expensive for what it offers. If you want any extras through Spectra, it will cost you.


This pump gets kudos for its hygienic design, but overall, we just weren't all that thrilled with the price for what it offered.

Lindsay Smith and Curtis Smith

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