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Green Sprouts Silicone Toothbrush Review

Long-lasting, safe, effective toothbrush that baby can also use as teether
Green Sprouts Silicone Toothbrush
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Price:   $8.00 List | $7.37 at Amazon
Pros:  Made of healthy materials, durable, soft, reaches back gums, guard protects baby from choking
Cons:  Small size makes it most suitable for smaller babies
Manufacturer:   i play, Inc.
By Juliet Spurrier, MD ⋅ Mom-in-Chief  ⋅  Jun 2, 2013
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Our Analysis

The Green Sprouts Silicone Toothbrush is great for keeping baby's gum and teeth healthy and clean. Free of nitrosamines*, this dishwasher-safe toothbrush is made of silicone coated polypropylene. The shape of this innovative toothbrush allows you to easily reach the gums all the way in the back of baby's mouth.

Some parents also use this soft toothbrush as a teether, but we do not recommend this since the long-handle of the toothbrush is a potential choking hazard. A good toothbrush-style teether we recommend instead is the Baby Banana Infant Toothbrush.

We love how this toothbrush makes cleaning their gums and teeth easier. We recommend using it with Spry Tooth Gel for a safe, gentle and effective gum and dental hygiene routine.


The most common positive reviews are:
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Made of healthy materials
  • Soft
  • Durable


User reviews frequently note these disadvantages:
  • Small, so best for little babies

*An enormous amount of indirect evidence indicates that nitrosamines are human carcinogens.

Juliet Spurrier, MD