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Jeep Overland Limited Review

Jeep Overland Limited
Price:   $220.00 List
Pros:  "Jeep" look, accessories included, adjustable handlebar, free-stand design, ample basket
Cons:  Hard to maneuver, heavy, no shock absorbers, small canopy, 45 lbs. capacity
Bottom line:  A disappointment, we would not recommend this jogging stroller to a friend.
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Manufacturer:   Kolcraft Enterprises Inc.

The Skinny

The Jeep Overland Limited has been discontinued.

The Jeep Overland Limited is very good looking and includes a lot of accessories, but, all in all, we would not recommend it to a friend looking for a jogging stroller.

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Our Analysis and Test Results

Review by:
Mariana Seif

Last Updated:
June 14, 2015


The Jeep Overland Limited has the cool, rugged, outdoorsy signature "Jeep" look and comes with a lot of accessories. Unfortunately, it is more looks than performance, and not up to par with other top jogging strollers we reviewed.


  • The parent console, snack tray for baby, odometer and sound system are included.
  • Fixed front wheel is good for keeping it rolling in a straight line when running
  • Great looks
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Large, sturdy, easy-to-access basket under the seat
  • Free-Stand design. When the stroller is folded, it stands on its own and can be stored upright. It is also possible to roll it when folded.


  • Compared to the other fixed-wheel jogging strollers we reviewed, the Jeep Overland Limited is hard to maneuver.
  • Heavy at 27 lbs
  • It has no shock absorbers. It rides smooth on smooth roads but not on rugged terrain or bumpy sidewalks.
  • 45 lbs. weight capacity limit
  • Poor maneuverability in crowded or tight spaces.
  • Tires lose air frequently.
  • Of the three jogging strollers with speakers that we reviewed, the worst was the ibaby in the Jeep. Note that the ibaby, despite the name, is not an ipod docking station. It's a headphone plug-in, and can be used with an mp3 player, a cell phone, or an ipod. But it is low quality and makes strange buzzing noises (especially when running on bumpy surfaces) making it really annoying to hear your music. Given than the ibaby is one of the main features touted by the manufacturer of the Jeep Overland Limited, its performance was a big disappointment.
  • The canopy can be unzipped, so it detaches from the handlebar and can go down all the way to the snack tray. But it's smaller than any other canopy we reviewed and it's not protective enough.
  • The material covering the handle bar feels rough and uncomfortable.
  • The handle bar has a bit of a give to it, it seems loose but it's not. Harmless, but very annoying.


From appearances, the "JEEP" name, and the "ibaby", we expected a lot more from the Jeep Overland Limited, but its performance as a jogging stroller and the quality of its components, especially the sound system, were quite a disappointment.

Mariana Seif

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