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UPPAbaby G-Link Review

UPPAbaby G-Link
Price:   $500.00 List | $399.99 at Amazon - 20% off
Pros:  Top quality, easy to use, easy to push and turn
Cons:  Heaviest, largest
Bottom line:  Easy to use and maneuver, but super heavy and difficult to fit in small spaces
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Manufacturer:   UPPAbaby

The Skinny

The UPPAbaby G-Link earned a 3 of 9 rank for lightweight double strollers. This stroller earned top marks for quality, ease of use, and maneuverability. Unfortunately, it is the heaviest and largest stroller in the group, which significantly impacted its overall score and prevented it from ranking higher. There is much to like about this simple and sturdy stroller from its large canopies and deep recline, to the adjustable leg rests and easy fold with self-stand. If size and weight are not important to you, or you value quality over size, then the G-Link might be one to consider. Alternatively, the ZOE XL2 Deluxe is half the list price, weighs only 17.8 lbs, has the same ease of use score, and is only one point lower for maneuverability. While the quality of the ZOE might be lower, the budget friendly price might make the difference worth it.

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Our Analysis and Hands-on Test Results

Review by:
Juliet Spurrier, MD

Last Updated:
December 29, 2016

The UPPAbaby Company is an American born business with a decade of experience in the baby gear industry. UPPAbaby derives inspiration from their own families and are continually looking for innovative ways to make products easier to use, safer, lighter, and more fun. UPPAbaby currently produces several strollers and one car seat.

Performance Comparison

The UPPAbaby G-Link has several features for comfort and convenience  which made it heavier and larger  and hurt its overall score and rank.
The UPPAbaby G-Link has several features for comfort and convenience, which made it heavier and larger, and hurt its overall score and rank.

Weight and Folded Size

The G-Link earned a 2 of 10 for weight and folded size. This stroller weighs in at 24.7 lbs and measures 13,133 cubic inches when folded. This makes the G-Link the heaviest and largest folded stroller in the review. Given that the ZOE XL2 Deluxe is the lightest at 17.8 lbs and smaller by almost 4000 cubic inches, the G-Link is not a good pick for parents looking for a small option or who have limited space for storing it. The G-Link has a carry handle on the side of the frame.
The G-Link has a carry handle on the frame.
The G-Link has a carry handle on the frame.

Ease of Use

The G-Link earned an 8 of 10 for ease of use. This is the best score in the group, and ties with the ZOE XL2 Deluxe. The G-Link has a variety of features that work well and are easy to operate, making it a tester favorite.

The G-Link has a hand initiated fold  with a button push and handle to pull.
The G-Link has a handy kickstand that works well and offers a true self-stand.

Fold and Unfold

The G-Link has a standard umbrella fold that is initiated with a button push and a center handle pull (above left). The fold mechanism works well and is easy to use. This stroller has an automatic lock on each side and it is one of the true self-standing options with a built in kickstand (above right).

The G-Link brake pedal is small and hard to use.
The G-Link brake pedal is small and hard to use.


The G-Link brakes are very stiff and difficult to use; arguably the worst in the group. The pedal is very small, making it hard for sandal feet to use, and it is so stiff, it feels like you are going to break it long before the brakes engage. Also, because it is centered between two wheels, it is hard to lift up on the pedal because the wheels can get in the way.

The G-Link has larger storage bins  but they would be easier to use if they were one or had better access.
The G-Link has larger storage bins, but they would be easier to use if they were one or had better access.


The G-Link storage is large, holds up to 10 lbs and held our medium size diaper bag. It is the second largest basket in the group (the ZOE Xl2 Deluxe has a larger basket), but it has limited access with a frame that splits the basket in two and prevents larger bags from fitting inside. The G-Link also has a side-mounted removable cup holder and two small pockets on the back of the canopies.

The G-Link has nice easy to use sun shades with pop out visors and large peek-a-boo windows.
The G-Link has nice easy to use sun shades with pop out visors and large peek-a-boo windows.


The G-Link has the UPPAbaby signature canopies with pop out visor, SPF 50+, and sleek look. With the visor in use these canopies will cover almost to the knee. Both sunshades have vinyl peek-a-boo windows with covers, that while easy to see through, are poorly placed and offer better visibility with the seats reclined. Only the ZOE XL2 Deluxe offers better canopies than the G-Link.

The G-Link harness is easy to use and the buckle works smoothly with one hand.
The G-Link harness is easy to use and the buckle works smoothly with one hand.


UPPAbaby makes a great buckle and harness system that is easy to use. The harnesses are 5-points and are super easy to rethread and adjust. It is easy to slide the plastic end through the back slots, and the straps adjust with the a quick and smooth slide to proper placement.

The G-Link adjustable leg rest can be moved with the release of a tab lock.
The G-Link seatbacks recline with a simple squeeze to recline and push up on the seat back to raise.


This stroller has adjustable leg rests that work by unlocking side tabs to extend straight out for napping (above left). The seat backs recline almost flat and are the best in the group for cozy napping. Changing the recline is accomplished by squeezing the adjustment on the back, or pushing the seat upright (above right). This stroller comes with an infant insert and a net that pulls up over the extended footrest to create a pseudo bassinet. However, we do not recommend using this stroller with infants (see tip below).

We do not recommend using umbrella / lightweight strollers with babies under 6 months of age. These strollers traditionally lack the features and design necessary to properly support an infant's body and help prevent potentially for injury that can happen traveling over bumpy roads without proper head and neck muscle control.

Ease of Setup

The G-Link is easy to set up with no tools required and has a very good manual with great pictures. It took us about 5 minutes to unpack and assemble this stroller.


The G-Link earned a 5 of 10 for maneuverability. While this score sounds disappointing, none of the double umbrella options were very maneuverable, and 5 is actually the high for this metric. This stroller is easy enough to push, but turning isn't the best. While it is nice that the rear doesn't have middle wheels to kick or lead the stroller astray, it still sports the dual wheel design per leg that makes pushing over uneven terrain difficult. This stroller was better than all the rest, but it still struggled through doorways and with turning quickly, and you can't push it one-handed. Popping up onto curbs is easy with a bar you can put your foot on for leverage.
The G-Link is the easiest to push and turn  but still hard to manage.
The G-Link is the easiest to push and turn, but still hard to manage.

The G-Link has all-wheel suspension and foam filled plastic wheels. The seats have nice padding and a deep recline. The handles are foam covered and ergonomically tilted in. Parents and passengers should find the G-Link comfortable enough for regular use.

The G-Link has the highest score for quality with a 9 of 10.
The G-Link has the highest score for quality with a 9 of 10.


The G-Link earned a 9 of 10 for quality. This stroller is made with really nice fabric and well machined parts that come together to create a sturdy and well designed stroller. Unlike some of the competition, this stroller has straight canopies, even padding, and regular stitching. The frame is simple and clean with as few exposed fasteners as possible. There is no doubt, when lined up with the competition, that the G-Link stands out from the competition.

Manufacturer Video

This manufacturer's video shows the features and functionality of the G-Link.
Juliet Spurrier, MD & BabyGearLab Team

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