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Moby Wrap Original Review

Price:   $45.00 List | $36.95 at Amazon - 18% off
Pros:  Ergonomics, close/secure hold, cozy
Cons:  Learning curve, cumbersome, hot, lacks support
Bottom line:  Close snuggle for infants, but patience is a must
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Manufacturer:   Moby

The Skinny

Many babies and parents love the close hugging nature of the Moby Wrap. It was one of the first widely accepted wrap-style carriers, giving parents another option besides go-to's such as the BabyBjorn Original and ERGObaby Original. While we love the Moby Wrap for its range of front carry baby wearing positions and snug hold, it also is a lot of fabric to wear and manage with a steep learning curve compared to competing options. Last, we found that this wrap is best suited for infants under 1 year of age.

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Our Analysis and Hands-on Test Results

Review by:
Adrian Hogel & Juliet Spurrier, MD

Last Updated:
June 21, 2015

The Moby Wrap concept is simple. It is one long piece of soft, stretchy, 100% cotton fabric that wraps around you and secures your baby to you in a variety of different ways. By long, we're talking 18 feet long! But honestly, in hand, it doesn't quite feel that outrageous. However, the complexity of getting the fabric wrapped properly around you and your baby in a semi-fluid-like motion is the trick. We did discover that once you've done it a few times, it only gets easier and faster.

The Moby Wrap offers 4 baby wearing positions: Newborn Hug Hold, Hug Hold, Hip Hold, and Kangaroo Wrap. The first 3 positions can be approached with either the fabric Wrapping Folded or Wrapping Gathered. Although neither advertised on the Moby website nor officially endorsed by Moby, front carry facing out and back carry are also possible with the Moby (but not recommended and not endorsed by Moby or BabyGearLab for good reason).


Newborns in their "fourth trimester" love the womb-like hold of the Moby Wrap Original.
Newborns in their "fourth trimester" love the womb-like hold of the Moby Wrap Original.
Our younger testers (9 mos. and under) love being in the Moby Wrap. They are closely snuggled up to mom, almost completely swaddled by all the fabric, with baby's weight well-distributed. They often fall asleep and while their little heads can be tucked securely under the fabric, always make sure that baby's face is visible to the wearer and that baby's chin is resting comfortably away from his or her chest. Based on our experience, baby's hips and spine were supported in the proper position with this wrap.

Additionally, we like how the weight is distributed on the wearer, and are able to don this carrier for extended periods of time as long as we aren't getting too hot.

Lastly, we like that this carrier is made of 100% cotton and that Moby also offers eco and health-wise options with organic fabric. This wrap is simple to clean by throwing in the washer and dryer.


The Moby Wrap Original has a lot of fabric and it's not very breathable  so mom and baby got hot quickly in this carrier.
The Moby Wrap Original was too confining for our toddler tester - he was not happy in there most of the time.
There were several things about the Moby Wrap that we didn't appreciate. First of all, the plethora of fabric can get very warm for both mom and baby. We tested during a cooler time of the year and still found ourselves getting overheated. We can only imagine the discomfort of wearing this in the hot, muggy summer months. The newer Moby Wrap Modern has attempted to address this problem with a lighter, midweight fabric.

The Moby also scored considerably lower in our Ease of Use evaluation because there is such a steep learning curve. We had to really study the instructions and practice a few times before feeling confident enough to add a baby. It is also inconvenient when on the go because it inevitably drags on the ground while putting it on. One solution to this is to put it on at home and wear it in the car without baby and then add baby when you get to your destination. Of course, this isn't always a practical or comfortable option.

Wrap length comparison: the Boba Wrap is on the left  the Moby Wrap Modern in the middle  and the Moby Wrap Original on the right.  This is a lot of fabric and can be a bear to wrestle with if you are out and about.
Wrap length comparison: the Boba Wrap is on the left, the Moby Wrap Modern in the middle, and the Moby Wrap Original on the right. This is a lot of fabric and can be a bear to wrestle with if you are out and about.
We found this carrier to be best for babies under a year. In our toddler tests, it is tricky to get them into the carrier without help and it just wasn't as secure of a hold compared to some of the more structured carriers. We also found that for a toddler, it is just too confining in many positions.

The material of the Moby Wrap began to sag and lose shape the longer we wore it, especially with the heavier babies. It does shrink somewhat in the drier and stretches out again with wear.


We found the Moby Wrap to offer a close, secure hold, best suited for babies under a year. While it comes with a steep learning curve and is a lot of fabric to manage, it can be a lifesaver for a fussy baby who wants to be swaddled ultra-close to mom. It tends to be a warmer carrier to use, so dressing lightly is important if wearing baby for a prolonged period of time. For a more practical wrap-style carrier, check out the Baby K'tan.


Adrian Hogel & Juliet Spurrier, MD

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