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Blueberry Trainers Review

Potty training pant that washes well, holds small accidents but is not leak-proof
Blueberry Trainers
Credit: Abriah Wofford
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Price:   $19 Estimated lifetime cost | Check Price at Amazon
Pros:  Half-way between diaper and underwear, holds small accidents, made in the USA
Cons:  Sizes run small, no snaps, made with polyester, slightly bulky
Manufacturer:   Blueberry Diapers
By Juliet Spurrier, MD & BabyGearLab Team  ⋅  Feb 18, 2020
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The Skinny

The Blueberry Trainers are a pull-up style training pant with a big-kid feel. These pants are easy to wash, available in stylish patterns, and come in three different sizes. The Trainers are slightly bulky and not super absorbent, making them a poor choice for heavy wetters and sleep time. Our absorbency tests show that this training pant does an excellent job catching small, mini accidents while protecting clothes, so they could be suitable for children who are almost potty trained or light wetters.

Our Analysis and Test Results

Blueberry Diapers was founded by Margarita, a mother of four. After her first child was born, Margarita decided to sew her very own cloth diapers. This hobby transformed into a small business, and with eBay as her marketplace. Eventually, Margarita had a new ambition; create a cloth diaper so glamorous that diaper changes would be enjoyable and fun-loving. This drive led to Blueberry Diapers, which officially launched in 2007. It is a family-run, USA business that strives to use high-quality materials, USA sourced fabrics and latex-free elastic.

Performance Comparison

The inside lining of the Blueberry Trainers is made of cotton...
The inside lining of the Blueberry Trainers is made of cotton velour, with a layer of super-absorbent microterry and PUL sewn underneath.
Credit: Abriah Wofford


Blueberry Trainers have a slightly-below average score in the absorbency metric. This score is not necessarily surprising and somewhat expected given the product's purpose; it is a training pant after all, not a diaper. When it comes to potty training, it can be beneficial to the learning process for children to feel when they are wet and connect it with using the bathroom. What the absorption results do indicate is that this training pant is a suitable daytime option for children who are nearly potty trained. It will hold a dribble or small accident as your little one makes their way to the bathroom. However, it isn't designed to hold a full bladder's worth of liquid and use while sleeping is not be recommended.

The Blueberry Trainers had a slightly below-average absorbency...
The Blueberry Trainers had a slightly below-average absorbency score, showing more green on the filter paper. However, it is a training pant, not a diaper.
Credit: Abriah Wofford


We appreciate that Blueberry has the same sensation as underwear, but with an added benefit of being partially waterproof thanks to its inside liner constructed of cotton velour with a layer of super-absorbent micro-terry and Polyurethane Laminate (PUL) sewn underneath. You can feel comfortable machine washing and tumble drying these pants. Other likable features include how these pants are effortless to pull up and push down, along with feeling soft (even the seams). They are available in brightly-colored designs and come in three sizes, small, medium, and large. The company's website provides a size chart with measurements and weight ranges for each size to help with selecting the proper size for your toddler.

The fabric around the leg opening of the Blueberry Trainers is not...
You can feel comfortable machine washing and tumble drying the...


At some point, the baby's skin will come into contact with polyester, which has its pros and cons. Polyester has moisture-wicking properties, yet it is not as breathable. Users frequently note that the fabric on the outside tends to pill after washing and that sizes run small, with some shrinkage after the first wash. The training pants do teeter-totter between being trim, yet slightly bulky; the absorbency layer sewn under the inner lining is to blame for this. You may have some trouble getting these pants to fit under regular-sized clothing that does not have much stretch. As for leakage, the fabric around the leg openings is not waterproof and can be prone to leakage, especially for heavy wetters. Also, the training pants do not have snaps, unlike others on the market. Snaps can be beneficial when messy accidents occur. Unsnapping can eliminate the chance of further mess spreading that occurs when sliding pants off.

The Blueberry Trainers are known for being similar to real...
A closeup of the Blueberry Trainers inside lining, which feels...


The Blueberry Trainers are known for their similarity to real underwear, something most toddlers appreciate, and how easy they are to pull up and down, a feature that can strengthen your toddler's ability to self-help in the bathroom. This pant is not designed for heavy wetters, or use during naps and overnight. More importantly, they can be good for toddlers who have nearly mastered potty training during the day. They come in fun designs, and given how easy they are to wash, you'll appreciate having this product on hand.

Juliet Spurrier, MD & BabyGearLab Team

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