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Graco Comfy Cove DLX Review

Graco Comfy Cove DLX
Best Value Award
Price:   $120.00 List
Pros:  Simple to operate, cozy, deep seat, 5-point harness
Cons:  Loud motor, flimsy safety harness straps
Bottom line:  A no-frills effective baby swing!
Editors' Rating:   
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Dimensions (in) & Footprint Area (sq in):  34" L x 27" W x 43.5" H, (918 sq in footprint)
Weight:  16.3 Lbs
Range:  5.5 to 30 Lbs
Manufacturer:   Graco

The Skinny

The Graco Comfy Cove DLX is a simple, no frills baby swing that gets the job done at a great price point. It scored second highest and grabbed our Best Value award at about $50 less than our Editors' Choice, the Fisher-Price My Little Snugabunny. With a smaller footprint than the Snugabunny and a handy fold-down feature for both moving and storage, Graco's Comfy Cove is a tried and true soothing staple for a home with a newborn. We tested both the LX and DLX versions of this swing and they are pretty much exactly the same with one important difference: the DLX has the advantage of an AC adapter as well so it can operate at a much lower cost than the LX which only functions via batteries.

Update — August 2017
The Comfy Cove DLX is no longer being produced by Graco. We recommend checking out the Graco Cozy Duet Swing + Rocker instead. Read more about the differences and similarities between the two swings below.

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Our Analysis and Test Results

Review by:
Dana Ganssle Ellis & BabyGearLab Team

Last Updated:
August 20, 2017


Comfy Cove DLX vs. Cozy Duet Swing + Rocker

The Graco Cozy Duet Swing + Rocker is a swing and rocker combo that is similar to the Comfy Cove in that it keeps things simple. With a basic front-to-back swinging motion and a simple control panel, this swing appears to be just as user friendly as the Comfy Cove. It has 4 speed settings rather than 6, but it has an additional vibration function on two of those speeds. The Cozy Duet has can be operated with both an AC adapter as well as batteries and has the same weight limit of 30 lbs. Unlike the Comfy Cove, this swing does not have an adjustable recline, but otherwise the two swings seem to function in a very similar manner. You can see the two swings below with the Comfy Cove DLX on the left and the Cozy Duet Swing + Rocker on the right.
Graco Comfy Cove DLX

Performance Comparison

The Graco Comfy Cove DLX may not have the extras that make the Fisher-Price My Little Snugabunny or the Graco Duet Soothe stand out, but it is able to soothe a tired or fussy baby effectively with its front-to-back swinging motion. The Comfy Cove has a strong swing which builds up over the course of about 15 seconds, which we found to be just enough of a transition so as not to be jarring to baby.

Overall, the Comfy Cove scored just 11 points behind our Editors' Choice award and well ahead of the rest of the pack which was surprising for a few reasons. First of all, it is certainly not a looker like the new age appearing 4moms mamaRoo or the sleek, modern Nuna Leaf Curv. Yet, it delivers in its simplicity: an adjustable seat with three recline angles, an included removable infant headrest, a static mobile and simple, sturdy base. Though this swing tends to creak like it needs greasing and has the worst audio of any of the speakers we reviewed, this makes absolutely no difference to the babies testing it. In fact, these "flaws" only seemed to create more soothing making it not only an underdog but a definitive leader in our review.


The DLX is the second highest soothing swing in our review with an 8 of 10. Its swing is downright vigorous swinging with a greater momentum on its higher settings than many of the other baby swings we reviewed. As such, is more appropriate for a baby at the heavier end of the suitable weight range of 5.5 to 30 pounds. The 6 speed settings are easily discernible allowing for quick speed customization. With 5 nature sounds and 10 songs, there are a lot of options to find a white noise that will suit a variety of temperaments. While the sound quality leaves much to be desired for parental ears, it has a scratchy nature akin to being inside the womb which not surprisingly seems to soothe better than some of the swings we tested with higher quality sound. And, on high swing settings, this swing rhythmically creaks. Grating for adults, but dreamy for cranky little ones. What makes a successful swing isn't necessarily the same criteria parents as it is for babies. Just one little reminder of how your life has changed! It's one wild ride…hang on.

We also like the Comfy Cove's deep seat with 3-position recline ranging from 35-49 degrees from horizontal and 5-point harness which safely positions infants whether 4 weeks or 6 months. The simple mobile attached by a ball joint moves steadily with the swing in motion.
The Graco Comfy Cove has a smaller footprint as well as a price tag about $50 lower than the Fisher-Price Snugabunny and thus is a good soothing option for either smaller homes or for those on a budget.
The Comfy Cove has simple  intuitive controls. Top center is the power on/off button with 1-6 speed controls surrounding it. The yellow buttons set white noise for either nature (left) or music (right) as well as a timer setting (center). We suggest reading the manual for operation of the timer as we feel operation is not as intuitive as the rest of the controls. The black buttons control volume and the bottom center is a mute button.
The simple mobile moves non-mechanically when the swing is on.

Ease of Use

The Graco Comfy Cove folds down to a manageable size for moving it around the house  or storing it.
The Graco Comfy Cove folds down to a manageable size for moving it around the house, or storing it.
We found the Comfy Cove easy to use and scored it a 7 of 10. As the lightest swing in our review at 16.3 pounds with a folding frame, this is the easiest swing in our review to move from here to there throughout the house. Though bringing it up and down stairs is probably out of the question for most families, this baby swing can move with you relatively easily move so that you can keep an eye on baby while giving your arms a break.

The control panel sits at the top of the swing and with intuitive buttons. Only the 30-minute timer setting for 10, 20, and 30 minute intervals is a feature that needs a quick manual read to get the hang of.

Where this baby swing can use some improvement is ease of getting the baby in and out and this in large part has to do with the quality of the 5-point harness. The harness straps have flimsy fabric covers that are not padded enough to make a difference to the baby but just get in the way when adjusting and placing the harness. Having to fight with a strap cover while placing a sleeping infant down may be more than an exhausted parent would like to contend with on a regular basis. Though the fabric covers can be removed easily, the straps themselves are flimsy and difficult to lay open in anticipation of placing baby inside, especially when the seat is in a more upright position when baby has good head and neck control.


This swing scored at the bottom of the barrel in quality, a 2 of 10. The main reason it performed poorly is due to the combination of material quality and user reviews citing consistent issues with motor failure. Fortunately, the general consensus is that Graco's Customer Service is responsive and issues a replacement motor without hassle. As an electromechanical product that may get daily use for 6-8 months, some degree of motor failure is to expected. However, in comparison to the Fisher-Price My Little Snugabunny and Graco Duet Soothe which also have reports of motor failure and the and 4moms MamaRoo which have reports of an obstruction error on its LCD screen, the fabric material and overall fit and finish of the Comfy Cove just isn't of similar quailty. That being said, it is best described as basic and bare bones in nature rather than terrible and certainly fits the bill on a budget.


We scored the DLX a 7 of 10 in safety. Its five point harness though on the flimsy side, still secures baby in nicely with a extra effort on parent's part when compared to the other swings with 5-point harnesses in our review, the Snugabunny and the Duet Soothe. The seat also has a 3-position adjustable recline from 30-45 degrees from horizontal that is very important for young babies without head and neck control so that they can be laid as far back as possible so as to prevent slumping over. Its base is sturdy and it has a much smaller surface footprint at 918 square inchest than the other traditional 5-point harness swings in our review, Fisher-Price (1404) and Graco Duet Soothe (1099).
The five point harness is a great safety feature.  The strap covers are not necessary and get in the way.  They are easy to remove.
Although the Graco Comfy Cove has a 5-point harness  its crotch and shoulder padding made it consistently difficult for us to adjust and place the harness on and off easily. Without the thin padding  this process is a little easier.


Simply put, this swing is a great value. With an overall score of 2nd place, it that excels where it matters most, soothing. The DLX version includes an AC adapter which is a no brainer as this added bonus keeps money in the pocketbook instead of a plethora of batteries.


Excelling in soothing ability, ease of use, and safety, the Comfy Cove DLX is a basic infant swing that delivers at a great price point. It is a go-to swing on a budget which can provide much needed calm in the midst of a pretty exciting yet hectic time in the household with a new baby.


This Graco video focuses on the LX Comfy Cove swing which is battery-operated only. We recommend getting the DLX version instead which is identical in looks and performance with one important exception, an AC adapter which brings savings in both money and time as well as avoids the battery stalling out while in use.

Dana Ganssle Ellis & BabyGearLab Team

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