Editors' Choice Gear Reviews

Our best-in-class awards are the result of rigorous hands-on testing of the top products. We rate each product on multiple categories to select the very best.
The Kelty Junction 2.0 is a nice  compact backpack that is perfect for quick outdoor adventures or errands.

The Best Backpacks for Carrying Babies and Kids

Wondering which backpack is top-rated for carrying older babies and kids? We took six of the most highly regarded and most popular backpacks on the market today, and tested them side-by-side for two months to find out which is the very best. Whether you're hiking the Rocky Mountains, traveling abro...

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BabyGearLab's 2015 competitor line-up for the high chair category.

The Battle of the Best High Chair

Looking for a high chair? We took nine of the top high chairs, and put them through a three-month side-by-side comparison test to help you figure out which one is right for your family. With endless options such as size, body style, material, foldability, seat cushions, restraint systems, and portab...

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Many parents consider a baby swing a key tool to soothe a crying baby. We tested five popular swings side-by-side to which ones came out on top.

The Search for the Best Baby Swing

Looking for a baby swing that will soothe your little one? A great swing can be just the ticket to provide babies with a comfy, safe place simulating the motion and sounds of the womb to lull them from fussy to relaxed in minutes flat. We put five popular baby swings to the test on a daily basis ove...

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The 5 contenders in our review.

The Best Travel Crib Review

Which travel crib is the best? After months of testing 5 popular portable cribs, we have the answer. You may be in search of a truly lightweight, compact crib for your travel needs, or perhaps you just need an extra crib to store at the grandparents house. Either way, we have the information you ...

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The 9 competing products that made the cut for the double umbrella stroller review.

The hunt for the best double umbrella strollers of 2017

What is the best double lightweight umbrella stroller? We tested 9 of the top products on the market to find out. We put each stroller through several tests in a side-by-side competition to separate the awesome from the uninspired. We scored each product for weight and folded size, ease of use, mane...

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Happy Toddler with Top Pick Thermos Foogo Phase 3 Insulated

The Best Toddler Sippy Cup Review

Looking for the perfect sippy cup for your toddler? It is important that active toddlers on the go remain properly hydrated; this will likely prompt a search for the perfect toddler cup to use as a convenient alternative to regular cups when the situation calls for a leak-proof cup. We narrowed it...

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This photo shows a variety of transition sippy cups; note that Pura Kiki (pink sippy on right) is pictured here with silicone nipple. For transitioning  either a softer Pura Original Spout or firmer blue XL Sipper Spout can is substituted.

The Best Transition Sippy Cup Review

Looking for the perfect transition sippy cup for your baby? Once your infant starts solids, it is important for them to begin drinking some water as well. This will most likely prompt the search for the perfect cup to serve as a transition from bottles, and/or breast-feeding, into the world of leak-...

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The search for the best strollers of 2017

Want a stroller that is easy-to-use and fits your budget? After evaluating more than 200 strollers, we narrowed down to the 60 best and put them through a comprehensive testing process to determine which are the top performers. We tested everything from joggers and double strollers, to umbrella and ...

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We took eight of the leading bassinets on the market and tested them side-by-side to see which ones were best.

The Quest for the Best Bassinet

Which bassinet is the best? In this review we took 8 of the top rated and most popular products on the market to discern how they compared side-by-side. Since the many details found in modern baby gear can be mind-boggling for an expectant parent, we put each bassinet through a series of hands-on ...

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We tested nine of the most highly regarded and popular sound monitors to find out which is the very best.

The Best Sound Monitor Review

Which baby monitor is the best? We tested 9 of the most popular and highly rated monitors to determine which is the absolute best. We put each monitor through a gauntlet of tests to compare range, sound quality, ease-of-use, features, and more. Based on our test results, we scored and ranked them al...

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The top double strollers of 2017: Tandem and side-by-side

Are you looking for a double stroller? We can help. We evaluated 71 competing products and narrowed down to the 18 top double strollers and put them through an intensive testing process over two months. Our goal is to provide you with the best information available to choose the right double strolle...

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We tested 19 of the most popular umbrella and lightweight strollers available.

The hunt for the best umbrella stroller of 2017

Which option is the best umbrella stroller? We chose 19 of the top ranked and most innovative products on the market, and put them through extensive testing in a head-to-head competition to find the easiest to use, push, and to take when travelling. We rated products on their weight and folded size,...

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Here are all 15 strollers we tested in combination with infant car seats in this review

The Best Stroller and Car Seat Combos for 2017

Trying to find the best stroller and car seat combo? We considered over 40 strollers, then purchased and tested 14 of the top products in combination with seats from our Infant Car Seat Review to find the easiest combinations to use. Determining which seats work best with each stroller can be confus...

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We put 8 top rated baby food makers through the grinder to find out which is the very best

The Best Baby Food Maker Review

At some point in their life, your child will need to be introduced to eating table food. We set out to test the top products on the market designed to help parents rise to the often messy, but fun, occasion. We ran eight baby food making products through the gamut to pinpoint the right machines for ...

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We tested both Wi-Fi and dedicated monitors from several different popular brands for our comprehensive video monitor review  so you have all the information you need to make the best decision for your family.

Looking for the best video monitors of 2017

Which is the best video baby monitor? After evaluating more than 50 video monitors, we put the top 9 through a rigorous series of tests, over several months, to rate and compare range, sound clarity, video quality, ease-of-use, features, and more. Our 2 month long, side-by-side testing process, and ...

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The top 9 baby bottle contenders used by tiny tested for our Best Baby Bottle showdown.

The test to find the best baby bottles of 2017

Confused about which baby bottle is the best? You aren't alone. We considered over 30 popular baby bottles and purchased 9 contenders for our side-by-side review. Our review can help you choose the best bottle for just about every baby need. We set out to answer questions like: do the anti-colic ven...

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Babies depend on their caregivers to provide comfort and security. Parents depend on diapers to keep babies dry and comfortable. You can depend on BabyGearLab for objective scientific reviews of diapers so you can quickly find the best product for your family.

The Battle for the Best Disposable Diapers

What is the top-performing disposable diaper and why? We took 24 disposable diapers and put them to the test in a bum to bum competition to find out. Eleven of the top green diapers and 13 traditional diapers were put through a series of tests designed to compare the diapers relative to each other. ...

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Twenty one of the most popular strollers on the market  including our award winners (up front).

The push for the best full-size strollers of 2017

Looking for the best full-size baby stroller? We purchased 19 of the top standard size strollers and spent two months testing them to find out which are the best. We put each stroller through our intensive hands-on, side-by-side testing process that includes more than 30 specific tests and long-term...

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An infant car seat is one of the few pieces of baby gear that is an absolute must-have purchase. Since it is a life-safety device  it is an important decision for you and your baby.

The best car seats of 2017: Safe, crash-tested, and ranked

Looking for a car seat? We can help. We evaluated more than 100 car seats, then narrowed down to the 26 best car seats which we put through a robust testing process. Every seat went through crash testing as well as a gauntlet of practical day-to-day use tests to help you find the perfect seat for yo...

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The Best Nursing Pillows Review

Which nursing pillow is best for you and your baby? To find out, we tested eight of the top brands and models with babies ranging in ages from six weeks to six months, seven to 14 pounds, and wiggly to restful while feeding. After putting each product through a range of tests to determine quality,...

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Diaper Dekor Plus Kolor has several child-proof features to prevent little ones from accessing dirty diapers or making deposits

The Best Diaper Pail Review

Which diaper pail is the best? Which offers the best odor control and protects you from getting too intimate with the contents within? We took 6 of the most popular diaper pail containers and put them through a series of stinky side-by-side tests to find out all the stinktastic details. We found big...

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The lineup of bags we tested. From left to right  front to back they are: the Juno Blue Esalen  Medela On the Go Tote  Sarah Wells Maddy  Ness Mamie  OiOi Hobo  Ju-Ju-Be B.F.F. Legacy  and the Nurse Purse.

The Best Breast Pump Bag

Most nursing mothers are very familiar with the art of pumping. So, here's a question. What do you do when your breast pump needs to leave the house with you? Let's not kid ourselves; packing a pump and pumping supplies in addition to everything else you need can be a major hassle. In hopes of light...

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Ten of the eleven top rated seats tested in our convertible car seat review (the Britax Boulevard ClickTight was absent on picture day).

Best convertible car seats of 2017

Looking for the best convertible car seat? We purchased 11 of the top convertible seats on the market and ran them through several months of rigorous testing that compared each seat side-by-side for crash test performance, ease of installation, ease of use, comfort/quality, and weight/size. This rev...

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BabyGearLab's 2015 Diaper Bag Line-up

The Best Diaper Bags Shoot-out Review

Which diaper bag is the best? To answer this question, we spent several months rigorously testing ten of the top-rated bags available from major brands. During our hands-on testing, we compared them side-by-side with contenders until we were sure we knew what qualities make a good bag the best. Eac...

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We tested the top 15 baby carriers and compared them side-by-side to see which came out on top.

The Quest for the Best Baby Carrier

Looking for the best way to wear your baby? In this review, we took 15 of the top-rated and most popular baby carriers on the market today, and tested them extensively over a four month period to find out which ones came out on top. Comfort? Ease of use? Back strain issues? To find out, we used each...

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All nine humidifiers ready for real-life hands-on testing.

The Hunt for the Best Humidifier

What humidifier is the best to use for baby's nursery? To find out, we compared nine popular room humidifiers using scientific measurements and real-life testing to determine which model came out on top. During our testing, we looked at effectiveness, ease of use (including cleaning - an essential p...

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BabyGearLab's 2015 Dad Diaper Bag line-up. We tested 8 bags to see which would land on top.

The Best Diaper Bag for Dads

What's the best diaper bag for dad? We tested eight top bags with masculine traits and rigorously tested their performance. Scored metrics include storage and ease of use, comfort, quality, and style. We also focused upon special features like changing pads, carry options, insulated pockets, and clo...

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We put 15 of the most popular cloth diapers through the wringer  over more than 12 months of intensive testing  to find the very best system.

The Search for the Best Cloth Diapers

We set out to demystify cloth diapering and to find the very best of 15 popular cloth systems. Over a year-long testing period, we put the top competing diapers through intensive evaluation including daily hands on testing, lab tests of absorbency, research about eco-health, side-by-side comparison ...

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Inglesina Fast Table Chair wins our Editors Choice Award excelling in ease of use  safety  and quality. The Inglesina suits both straight and rounded tables up to a thickness of 3.3" as well as surfaces with lips and skirts. It is crucial to set o-rings into the twist tight coupling mechanism prior to securing this hook-on to a table. This sets the crotch strap is in place so that baby isn't in danger of falling through the opening while the 3-point harness is being placed.

The Best Portable High Chair

Which portable high chair is best for your little one? We took a look at 42 popular ones and whittled it down to 6 top chairs to test side-by-side in this review. Over months of hand-on testing with a cadre of infants and toddlers, we put them through the ringer paying keen attention to the followin...

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Tubing and motors and bags galore!  BabyGearLab's Breast Pump line-up!

The Best Breast Pump Review

Which breast pump is best? To find out, we tested 10 of the top rated and most popular pumps on the market. We compared each pump side-by-side to determine the cream of the crop. We put each pump through a multitude of tests including efficiency, comfort, ease of use, portability, hygiene, acousti...

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Sixteen top ranked strollers were put to the test to find the best jogging style stroller on the market (Grand Safari  Burley Solstice  Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight  and Mountain Buggy Terrain not shown).

The race for the best jogging stroller of 2017

Which jogging stroller is the best? We tested the top 16 joggers on the market over an intensive 2 month period to determine which strollers are the best for running and which are nice versatile everyday jogging options for parents on-the-go. It doesn't matter if you are a serious dedicated runner, ...

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The most important capability of a bottle warmer is to warm breast milk without overheating it to the point that nutrients are lost. But  there are other practical considerations such as will your favorite bottle fit inside? Wide bottles easily fit into the Kiinde.

The Best Bottle Warmer Review

What's the best bottle warmer for you and your baby? To find out, we put seven of the most popular and well-regarded bottle warmers to the test over a three month period, comparing them side-by-side during daily use. As part of our testing process, we used a digital thermometer to carefully measure ...

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We compared the top 15 infant style car seats side-by-side in an extensive 5 month testing process for this review

The quest to find the best infant car seats of 2017

Which infant car seat option is truly the best? We purchased 15 of the most popular infant car seats and tested them over several months in an extensive side-by-side comparison process. We tested and reviewed crash test performance, ease of installation, comfort and quality, carrying weight and more...

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BabyGearLab's entire baby monitor review round-up. Babysense 5s (top left and Top Pick)  Angelcare AC401 (top right and Editor's Choice)  and from left to right on bottom row  Snuza go!  Levana Oma (Best Value)  Levana Oma+  and Snuza Hero.

The Best Movement Monitor Review

Which Baby Movement Monitor is the best? We assembled 6 of the top monitors available, and put them through the ringer with real world, head to head testing. Whether you are looking for a stand-alone monitor, or an additional level of security to augment your current audio/video unit, we have you...

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The Best Kids Water Bottle Review

In today's busy world, with kids participating in more activities away from home than ever, it is important that they have access to hydration at all times. Carrying a personal water bottle can mean the difference between quenching a mean thirst or fighting fatigue. We reviewed 11 of the most popula...

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