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UPPAbaby Vista Review

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The UPPAbaby Vista
Top Pick Award
Price:   $860 List | $839.99 from Amazon
Pros:  Quality, easy to use, comfortable, expandable
Cons:  Expensive, heavy, large, two-handed fold
Bottom line:  Top Pick for versatility and urban living with room to grow
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Manufacturer:   UPPAbaby

The Skinny

The Vista earned a Top Pick award in our comparative stroller review for its strength in versatility with room to grow combined with top notch functionality, impeccable quality, and a unique niche as a highly-regarded urban stroller. It was edged-out for an Editors's Choice award both by the BOB Revolution and the UPPAbaby Cruz due to a heftier price point of at least $360 higher. Nonetheless, stand-out features make coughing up extra worthwhile as the Vista is an expandable system that can accommodate more two riders with elegance. In terms of versatility, there is a solution for pretty much every age from bassinet to infant car seat to reversible toddler seat and the system can change on the fly.

The UPPAbaby Vista also won an Editors' Choice award in our Best Double Stroller Review, thanks in part to versatile seating that includes attaching two infant car seats.

Update — January 2017
UPPAbaby has updated the Vista for 2017. The 2017 version of this stroller will have a 1" narrower wheelbase, and will be about 24 ounces lighter than the previous version. Other changes include updated textiles and colors. The new Vista will be available late February

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Analysis and Hands-on Test Findings

Review by:
Juliet Spurrier, MD
Mom-in-Chief, BabyGearLab

Last Updated:
January 13, 2017
The UPPAbaby brand has reliably hit a sweet spot in the stroller market by producing high-end, easy to use strollers at a lower price point than other well-known, uber-expensive brands like Bugaboo, Orbit, and Stokke. Because UPPAbaby products are durable, highly functional, and timeless in design, they present a great value for growing families. Both the Vista and the UPPAbaby Cruz pair nicely with the UPPAbaby Mesa infant car seat, which won an Editors' Choice award in our Best Infant Car Seat review.

Though it has a price point of $860, everything about the Vista screams VALUE, offering much more than any of its higher or similarly-priced options tested in this review, namely the Bugaboo Cameleon3 $1149, the 4moms Origami $850, and the Orbit Baby O2 $785. With an included bassinet, parents can begin strolling baby in the Vista from birth. In addition, with attention to sleep safety, the bassinet also meets ASTM guidelines for use as an overnight sleeping option. Its toddler seat is reversible for parent-facing or forward-facing, depending on age and/or preference, and with a deep adjustable recline and large expandable sunshade, napping on the go is a shoe-in. And, last but certainly not least, additional add-ons like the RumbleSeat and PiggyBack allow for expandability for a growing family.
Using the bassinet on the Vista will make the under seat storage a little harder to use.

Committed to quality, UPPAbaby made big improvements to the beloved Vista in 2015:
  • Lighter frame
  • Easier fold
  • Enhanced RumbleSeat

Performance Comparison

Ease of Use

The Vista has the high score for ease of use with an 8 of 10, tying with the Editors' Choice Cruz. Both of these strollers have a toddler seat suitable from 3 months to 50 pounds or 40 inches that allows a child to ride parent-facing, forward-facing, upright, fully reclined, and every angle in between. And, because this seat has a low recline in both the Vista and the Cruz, separate purchase of the accessory Infant SnugSeat allows its use for newborns. Comparatively, the Quinny Buzz Xtra and the 4moms Origami both leave something to be desired for daily use with ease of use scores at 3 of 10.

Included with the Vista are the following accessories:
  • The Vista comes standard with a bassinet that is rated for overnight use when not attached to the stroller frame.
    The Vista comes standard with a bassinet that is rated for overnight use when not attached to the stroller frame.
    Bassinet with Rain and Bug Shields
  • Toddler Seat with Bumper Bar, Rain and Bug Shields
  • Storage Bin

The inclusion of a bassinet with the Vista is really a valuable feature. Suitable for infants up to 20 pounds and 25″ long, it is also passes muster with ASTM safety standards to be used as an overnight sleeping solution because of its attention to breathability. With a perforated breathable mattress pad and vented base and a back that unzips and opens for additional airflow. The mattress is sold with two liners, one inner and another zip-out for laundering. The bassinet also has a boot cover to keep baby further cocooned from germs and warm in colder elements.


The Vista can expand for up to 3 children with additional seating and riding options sold separately. With the Lower Adapter attached to its frame, it can accommodate 2 Mesa infant car seats as well as two bassinets for a nice early solution with twins. As a double stroller with inclusion of the RumbleSeat, the UPPAbaby Vista Double won Editors' Choice in our Best Double Stroller review. To create even more room in between each seat, separate purchase of both the Upper Adapter and Lower Adapter will help keep the troops more comfortable during longer outings (this is how we tested the Vista Double in our comparative double stroller review. Finally, for a third, older passenger, the PiggyBack ride-along board, offers flexibility to either catch a ride or to walk.


The recline is an easy to use 1 button push for adjusting up and down. It offers 6 possible recline positions that range from 73.1 to 23.6 degrees. Only a handful of other products offered a button as opposed to the more common two straps meeting in the middle through a plastic pull. The straps and pull aren't bad, but they do require two hands to lift and some of them were kind of hard to use. Below illustrates the variability in seating posture between having the seat back fully upright with the canopy open versus the seat back fully recline with the canopy closed, great for napping.
The recline on the Vista is easy to operate with the push of a button. Also directly below recline lever  note zipper which is the top of a pocket on the toddler seat back for storing thin items for safe keeping.
With the seat fully upright the Vista is still set at a comfortable angle.
The Vista reclines almost flat  though the design of the seat will have baby's rump dipping and thus not truly flat.

Adjustable Leg Rest

The foot and leg rest on the Vista are adjustable.
The foot and leg rest on the Vista are adjustable.
An adjustable leg rest is an important comfort feature as a child's legs become longer. Apart from the Vista, eight additional following strollers offer this highlight: the Cruz, the Baby Jogger City Select, the Peg Perego Booklet, the Graco Aire3, the Chicco Bravo LE, the Bumbleride Indie 4, the Inglesina Quad, and the Quinny Buzz Xtra. While the footrest on the vista is shallow, it is a wide, plastic-covered spot for older feet to rest. The entirety of the lower seat adjusts together and the leg rest is nicely padded.


The Vista has one of the largest canopies in this review with SPF 50+ protection in addition to a kick-out visor for added coverage. This sun shade also sports a large peek-a-boo window with magnetic closure for silent peeking and a mesh window for additional ventilation. The window is easy to see through and we were not able to snag the mesh in our tests. The surprise canopy highlight is its adjustability to easily slide upwards or downwards to accommodate varying heights.
The toddler seat sunshades on both the UPPAbaby Vista (left) and Cruz (right) are identical with pop-out silver visors for extra shade and magnetic peek-a-boo windows.
The Vista's peek-a-boo window is easy to use and the magnetic closure ensures you can do it silently.
The peek-a-boo window on the Vista takes up a good portion of the canopy.


The storage bin under on the Vista is not only the largest in the group of 21 products, but also has the highest maximum allowable weight capacity in this comparative review of 30 pounds, with the average being closer to 10 pounds. The second best is the Cruz at 25 pounds and the Bugaboo Bee3 brings up the rear with 4 pounds that makes it subpar at holding supplies for an entire day. The Vista's bin is accessible from all sides and very easy to use. There is a bar that runs across the middle of the basket cutting it in two, but this didn't prevent us from fitting in our extra large diaper bag during testing. The back of the basket sticks out far past the rear wheels, which means you don't have to reach as far under the handlebar as you might with other strollers.
The Vista holds up to 30 pounds  but the cross bar that runs through it will limit what and how you use it.
The Vista has a larger basket (left)  but the Cruz (right) is easier to use because it doesn't have a cross bar in the way of access.

In addition to the storage basket under the seat, there is also a small pocket on the back of the seat for convenience items like a phone or keys. Though it may not fit larger phones or a bottle of water, it does have a zipper so you can feel comfortable knowing that items are securely contained within. We do feel that for a high-end stroller like the Vista, accessories like their UPPAbaby Snack Tray and UPPAbaby Parent Organizer would be great inclusions in the base price; without them, basic needs perks included in other stroller brands, like the Baby Trend Expedition and the Chicco Bravo LE, are sure to be missed.


The Vista earned a 7 of 10 in maneuverability, below five competitors in our review with the top performer being the BOB Revolution Flex with a 9 of 10. On the other hand, the most difficult stroller to push and turn in this review is the 4moms Origami gratis of a frame that has too much flex and smaller plastic wheels. Thus, for pushing and turning on bumpier surfaces like shallow gravel and grass, the Vista managed fairly well. While it is no Revolution, it does have larger rubber wheels than the Cruz which gives it an edge. While it negotiated stairs without difficulty, we struggled with it a bit navigating over a 1-inch curb.

The Vista earned a fairly good score for maneuverability with only 5 stroller being easier to push.
The front swivel wheels on the Vista can be locked if necessary for easier pushing over uneven terrain.
In our testing, though the Vista both pushes and turns easier than the Cruz, due to its increased width, it is predictably more difficult through narrow passageways and tight turns. We recommend paying close attention and decreasing speed if pushing with one hand to maintain control through turns and to keep two hands on the handlebar through tight spots.


The Vista earned an 8 of 10 in quality tying with the BOB Revolution Flex. For further comparison, the expensive 4 moms Origami scored half this with a 4 of 10, sells at the same price point.


The frame is a magnesium aluminum alloy that has a nice finish, a simple design, tight connection points, and very little flex. The telescoping handlebar slides easily in and out of the frame and the design prevents the flex found in models that have the rotating handlebar adjustment. The overall fit and finish of the Vista is a thoughtful one with very little clutter and nice attention to detail. The fabric and other materials used compliment one another and appear durable and easy to care for. The fabric fits the seat frame well with no errant stitching or bunching and wrinkling of materials. It has a sleek minimalist feel that still manages to be useful.
The toddler seat sunshades on both the UPPAbaby Vista (left) and Cruz (right) are identical with pop-out silver visors for extra shade and magnetic peek-a-boo windows.
The Cruz (left) and the Vista (right) are similar in their assembly.


The materials of the toddler seat's and canopy are identical for the Vista and the Cruz (upper left). The seat is covered with a soft yet tightly-woven canvas, making it easy to wipe clean. The basket is fabricated of rough canvas with a plastic insert which both helps it maintain shape and support bin contents. The bin's sides are mesh which we found to snag quite easily. However, we we were able to smooth most of the snags back into place. The mesh peek-a-boo window, however, did not snag in our testing.

Wheels and Suspension

We prefer the larger back wheels of the Vista as compared to the smaller ones found on the Cruz.
We prefer the larger back wheels of the Vista as compared to the smaller ones found on the Cruz.
The Vista has shock-absorbing, no-flat, foam core rubber wheels with independent suspension between the front and rear. The wheels are substantial in size with the front ones being 8.2" and the rear 11.3" which renders a very durable feel. In comparison, the wheels of the Cruz are 6.5" and 8.3", respectively and the only suspension on it come from its shock-absorbing wheels. The combination of the Vista's shocks, rubber wheels, and cozy seat padding, help create a more comfortable riding experience than with the Cruz, in our experience. However, we did find in our testing that the Vista's seat wiggles a bit on the frame more so than with the Cruz, but, in our opinion this was not to enough extent to make the ride uncomfortable.


The handlebar is an adjustable bar that telescopes in and out of the frame sides to change heights as opposed to rotating on a frame pivot point. We like this design better because it results in less flex to the frame, and somewhat helps the stroller stay shorter in length when necessary. It also prevents the problem inherent in the rotating bar that the highest level, for the taller parents, results in the pusher being closer to the stroller frame and more likely to kick the stroller while walking. The handlebar is mostly covered in foam with a plastic center where the adjustment button is located. The transition from foam to plastic on the Vista is nicer than that of the Cruz, and we liked how it felt comfortable in hand.


For safety, the Vista earned a 7 of 10 in our testing, just below the highest scoring Baby Jogger City Select. Unlike the Select, however, the Vista wowed with colored indicators that signal a faulty frame-seat attachment (red, left) as compared to a proper one (green, right).
The Vista has color coded indicators to tell parents when the seat is not attached to the frame; red means the seat is not properly installed.
The Vista has color coded indicators to tell parents when the seat is firmly attached to the frame; green means the seat is properly installed.


Similarly, the Vista has a color-coded brake pedal that tells parents if the brake is set (red, left) or released (green, right), as shown below. These single action brakes are one of our favorite break set ups in the review with a simple and easy push to set and push again to release. This makes them both sandal as well as barefoot friendly, unlike the more common method of brake release in strollers where you must raise the pedal with the top of the foot; this maneuver usually hurts with a sandaled foot, so the Vista really shines here.
The brake pedal on the Vista has a red indicator to help parents determine if the brakes are set or not.
The Vista brake pedal has green color coding for brake engagement.

Cup Holders

Purchase of the Vista does not include any cup holder, neither for the parents nor for the kiddo. However, the brand does sell a few items as separate accessories that will fit the bill if you should feel you or your child need one. The UPPAbaby Parent Organizer $35 situates the cup high above baby's head, so care needs to be taken regarding what you put into it if the cup should fall or contents should spill. The UPPAbaby Cup Holder $25 is instead situated more to the stroller's side, so it is more likely that the deep cup holder will knock into things. We did not test these holders in our review. Regardless, never place a hot beverage in any stroller cup holder. They are meant for cold beverages only.


The harness on the Vista is easy to use and adjust.
The harness on the Vista is easy to use and adjust.
The Vista's 5-point harness is easy to put on and take off a child in day-to-day use. However, both side straps are a little stiff, but make a "pop" noise as they click into place to ensure they are locked appropriately. Also, the release button takes a little pressure to to release, but it comes apart easily. We found making height adjustments with the partial re-thread harness take a little bit of elbow grease. Along with a multi-position crotch strap, there are three height adjustments that can be made. The partial re-thread loops are sewn to the back of the seat shell under the padding that the shoulder straps clip onto. However, these are somewhat hidden under the padding and can be hard to get to if you have larger fingers. Once you get the loop out, it is very easy to change.

Evaluation of Tip Risk

Side Tip
The Vista had the second best side tipping result, doing so at an angle of 25.3 degrees, beat out only by the Bumbleride Indie 4 at 25.7 degrees. For comparison, the poorest result interestingly came from the Cruz with a tip over angle of 17.1 degrees.

Back Tip
The Vista back tipped at a weight of 23.9 pounds on the handlebars, which was average in our testing with 10 strollers scoring at weights less than this and 10 scoring at weights exceeding this. The poorest performer in this test was the heaviest stroller in this review, the Orbit Baby O2, and with a 3-wheeled design had at a back tip weight of 11.8 pounds. The best at a weight of 36.9 pounds was the Chicco Bravo LE.

It is not recommend hanging any sort of bag from any stroller handlebar, ever, because of this very real risk of backwards tipping.

Weight and Folded Size

The Vista scored a 5 of 10 in weight and folded size. At 27.8 pounds and 14,416 cubic inches when folded, the Vista is neither the lightest nor most compact stroller in this review, but it is not the heaviest either. Compared to the Orbit Baby O2 at 37.2 pounds and over 19,000 cubic inches when folded, it is pretty decent. The featherweight strollers at 17.5 pounds in this review go to both the Britax B-Agile 3 and the Baby Jogger City Mini Single. And, the most compact is the BOB Motion at folded volume of 5,817 cubic inches.


The fold can be accomplished with or without the seat attached. With seat attached, it is a two-step, easy to perform operation but requires both hands to complete (lower left), so you won't be able to hold baby while folding it. Once folded, the frame auto-locks (lower center) and can stand upright on its own (lower right), although if you are on transportation with it folded and unsupported, someone will need to hold it. Only 4 strollers earned a better score for ease of folding. Unfolding is also easy with 2 steps and 2 hands. The fold can be completed with or without the seat attached.
The fist step in folding the Vista is to unlock the open frame so it can fold.
The Vista has an automatic locking feature to hold the folded stroller closed.
Once the Vista is folded and auto-locked  it self-stands nicely.


The Vista doesn't earn the best marks for commuting. Its size and heft make it both hard to carry onto public transportation (unless you are rolling right on and able to take an elevator instead of navigating stairs in a subway) and to get into the trunk of a vehicle. For in and out of the car, we suggest removing the seat first because each piece is easier to handle separately and as such, can be stacked nicely to conform better in tight spaces.

On a bus, muni, train, or subway, you very well may have to "fold it and hold it" as technically, it doesn't gel with the 2 x 4 Rule with a width of 26.6". However, according to the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), a wheelchair must be under 30" in width x 48" in length in order to access public transportation, so technically all strollers in this review pass these specifications with the exception of not fitting the bill for a wheelchair.

Along with the Vista, the Baby Jogger City Select is the only other stroller in this review with a similar issue of a width in excess of 25" (we fudged a bit in allowing that extra inch to be compliant), yet is is a bit less wide than the Vista at 25.5". Lastly, if you are folding and holding with the Vista or any stroller for that matter that is standing folded, someone should hold onto the stroller, as it can certainly topple over with movement when left unsupported.

Ease of Setup

The Vista is second only to the Cruz when it comes to ease of setup earning a 9 of 10 to the Cruz's perfect 10. With good documentation and a simple, 8-step quick start guide, assembly feels intuitive taking us about 5.5 minutes out of the box. In fact, unpacking components took more time than assembly which in our book is a good thing as quality packing lessens opportunity for breakage during shipping.

Car Seat Compatibility

The Vista is compatable with the UPPAbaby Mesa infant car seat, which won a Top Pick award in our Best Infant Car Seat Review and does not need an accessory adapter in the upper position. The Mesa clicks in place on the Vista where the toddler seat or bassinet would go. The connection is easy once you get the side lined up, and we felt it was stale once installed.
The UPPAbaby Mesa infant car seat connects to the same attachment points as the toddler seat on the Vista.
The UPPAbaby Vista is compatible with the award winning UPPAbaby Mesa and Chicco Keyfit 30  among others.

With UPPAbaby's Lower Adapter $20, the Vista can accept two Mesa car seats at once, making it a nice option for parents of twins. The Vista's frame alone weighs in at 20.4 pounds, so it is a fairly heavy option for a double frame stroller, but in terms of a purchase that will take you through the years, this may not be a deal breaker for you.
The Vista in use with two UPPAbaby Mesa infant car seats  both need to be parent-facing for proper configuration.
The Vista in use with two UPPAbaby Mesa infant car seats, both need to be parent-facing for proper configuration.

We also tested the Vista with the Chicco KeyFit 30 infant car seat, which earned an Editors' Choice in our Best Infant Car Seat Review. It is necessary to purchase an accessory UPPAbaby Vista/Cruz Infant Car Seat Adapter for Chicco $45 to make this happen, which also works with Chicco KeyFit infant car seats. The Chicco adapter and seat is easy to install, but requires more pressure on the car seat to properly attach the seat to the frame. It creates a stable attachment, but we did have a few incidents of thinking the seat was attached when it really wasn't, something we didn't experience with the Mesa seat. The Chicco is a cheaper car seat, but once you purchase the adapter, and considering it is harder to install, we prefer the Mesa seat over the Chicco. The Mesa also scored higher in our car seat review, so you can feel confident you are getting a nice seat for your stroller.
The Vista car seat compatibility frame attaches to the seat connection points on either side of the frame. This is the frame we used for the Chicco Keyfit 30.
The Chicco clicked fairly easily onto the car seat accessory frame we purchased for the Vista.

If you are going for the Chicco KeyFit seats and are going to use the Vista as a double with the infant car seat in the lower position, you will need to purchase the UPPAbaby Lower Adapter with the above referred to Chicco adapter in order to use it as such.

The Vista and Cruz also are compatible with the following infant car seats:
  • Maxi-Cosi — Mico, Mico AP, Mico NXT, Citi, Cabrio, CabrioFix (not Prezi)
  • Nuna — Pipa
  • Cybex — Aton, Aton 2, Aton Q.

The Maxi-Cosi, Nuna, and Cybex all utilize the following accessory adapters for the Vista and Cruz:


Many separate accessories are available for use with the Vista, although they will come at additional cost. Some of our favorites include:
  • The Mesa uses the so-called "American belt path" method over the lower portion of the carrier. This is super easy to do and helped it earn a Top Pick award in our review.
    UPPAbaby Mesa — $300. Earning Top Pick in our Best Infant Car Seat review, the Mesa excels for use with the either the Vista or the Cruz during infancy. It also has a special niche for use in travel and urban areas as it can be easily installed safely inside a taxi without its base.
  • UPPAbaby Infant Snug Seat
    UPPAbaby Infant SnugSeat — $40. The SnugSeat offers extra neck and back support for infants up to 21 pounds. Reversible, it has a cozy plush material on one side and moisture wicking material on the other.
  • The PiggyBack folds up while still attached to keep it out of the way.
    UPPAbaby PiggyBack — $120. The Piggy Back offers the Vista further versatility than just the Rumble Seat alone. With this snazzy addition, an older, more independent child to ride along behind the handlebar, and neatly folds up and out of the way when not in use. At $120, this greatly increases the versatility of the Vista.
  • UPPAbaby Snack Tray
    UPPAbaby Snack Tray — $40. Removable and dishwasher-safe, UPPAbaby's accessory Snack Tray provides a shallow dish for snacks along with a cup holder. To attach it to the stroller, simply remove the included bumper bar.
  • UPPAbaby Ganoosh Footmuff
    UPPAbaby Ganoosh Footmuff — $100. With a windproof and water repellent exterior, this Footmuff keeps babies 3 months to 34 inches tall warm for chilly winter walks.

Other Versions

UPPAbaby's other strollers are similarly well-made and worth consideration depending upon your angle.
  • The UPPAbaby Cruz
    UPPAbaby Cruz — $500. Earning an Editors' Choice award, the Cruz excels in ease of use and quality, like the Vista, but is 6.2 pounds lighter making it a great option for use in infancy with an infant car seat and for commuting and travel. The stroller seat can also be used from birth with the accessory purchase of an Infant SnugSeat or an UPPAbaby Bassinet $190 can be purchased separately for use with the Cruz.
  • UPPAbaby G-Luxe — $260. The G-Luxe earned an Editors' Choice in our Best Umbrella Stroller Review. On par the brand, it excels in ease of use and quality as well as weight at 13.6 pounds. It is nicely padded with an adjustable recline that suits a minimum of 3 months up to a maximum of 55 pounds. The large sunshade also is great for naps on the go.
  • UPPAbaby G-Lite — $160. If you are still looking to reduce weight but maintain the quality of the UPPAbaby brand in a single umbrella stroller, the G-Lite is the ticket at 10.9 pounds, almost 3 lighter than the G-Luxe. Downsides? The seat doesn't recline and there is less padding, but still the same nice and large sunshade with signature silver extension.
  • UPPAbaby G-Link
    UPPAbaby G-Link — $500. The G-Link is currently under testing and will be featured in our upcoming Double Umbrella Stroller Review being compared side-by-side along 17 other lightweight double strollers. Stay tuned for the skinny.


Earning a Top Pick award for versatility with a sweet spot for urbanites, we highly recommend the UPPAbaby Vista. It is a top-performer with the highest score of a 71 of 100 alongside Editors' Choice BOB Revolution Flex with strengths in both ease of use and quality. If the Vista is within your budget, don't let the higher price point deter; in the long-run, this full-featured, highly functional, and expandable system is a beloved stroller among families.


Juliet Spurrier, MD and BabyGearLab Review Team

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