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Infantino Swift Classic Review

Price:   $18.00 List | $15.29 at Amazon - 15% off
Pros:  Light, simple, inexpensive
Cons:  Flimsy, padding, limited positions
Bottom line:  Cheap, uncomfortable, do not recommend
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Manufacturer:   Infantino

The Skinny

The Infantino Swift Classic was the cheapest carrier we tested, and boy did we feel it. Flimsy construction combined with poorly thought out buckle placement were just a few characteristics that gave both our parent and baby testers a less than stellar experience. While some parents may be tempted by the amazingly low price or seduced by the superficial resemblance to the best-selling BabyBjorn Original, don't confuse this for a bargain; we urge you to look elsewhere.

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Editors' Choice Award
Easy to use & comfy that works for infant to toddler
Editors' Choice Award
Versatile, comfortable, & feature-loaded
Versatile, well made, but only works up to 33 Lbs
Comfortable & a good value, but cumbersome
Great carrier offering front facing out position
Simple, easy, but waistband is lacking support
Top Pick Award
Offers close swaddle for newborns & babies
Best Value Award
Easy quick-tie & comfortable for both parents
Close snuggle w/ better breathability than Moby
Close snuggle for infants, but patience is a must
Close snuggle for infants; difficult to learn
Bare bones, only 2 positions; best for younger baby
Increasingly uncomfortable >6 mos
Not the best carrier for baby facing out
Cheap, uncomfortable, do not recommend

Our Analysis and Hands-on Test Results

Review by:
Juliet Spurrier, MD

Last Updated:
June 21, 2015

The Infantino Swift Classic was hands-down the most uncomfortable carrier we tried. It's made of a cheap-feeling, almost "fluff-filled" nylon material that just offered no support whatsoever. We felt like we had to keep one hand on baby the whole time, especially if bending over at all. It really seemed like baby could slip out at any moment. The shoulder straps dug into our parent testers and the back support just wasn't there. Baby was squirmy and uncomfortable, we think mostly in part to two giant plastic buckles that come together right under the crotch. We barely lasted 10 minutes in this carrier.
Very narrow shoulder straps with minimal padding on the Swift did not provide much support for heavier babies.
Very narrow shoulder straps with minimal padding on the Swift did not provide much support for heavier babies.


  • Inexpensive — The Infantino Swift Classic does have a couple things going for it. For one, the less than $20 price tag is ultra-low in the world of baby carriers. However, we consider it money wasted. If you can help it, we don't recommend investing in this carrier just to save a buck.
  • Simple — One more plus? It is also a fairly easy carrier to figure out and use.


  • Uncomfortable for both parent and baby — Once in place, baby does not feel secure. It is poorly designed with large buckles right where baby sits. It also lacks proper ergonomics, leaving baby's legs dangling straight down.
  • Parent Padding — Less than substantial, particularly in the shoulders
  • Bib is a Bust — Infantino touts a "Wonder Cover 2-in-1 Bib" to catch baby's drool, etc. but it is made of a thin, non-absorbent material which just wasn't functional.
  • Limited Carry Positions — This carrier only offers 2 carry positions: front carry facing in or front carry facing out. Although it states a 25 pound weight limit, this carrier was not appropriate for a toddler who was pushing that limit. It was much too small and not supportive enough.
Baby's legs dangle straight down in the Infantino Swift Classic.
Baby's legs dangle straight down in the Infantino Swift Classic.


In our experience, the Infantino Swift Classic definitely gave us a return on our investment, which happened to be next to nothing. We were really disappointed to see such an affordable option score the lowest in our ratings. If you're a fan of the Infantino line, we say go for their still affordable, yet much better scoring Infantino Sash Mei Tai.
The "Wonder Cover" bib was pretty much useless on the Infantino Swift Classic  and baby wasn't too stoked to be in this carrier.
The "Wonder Cover" bib was pretty much useless on the Infantino Swift Classic, and baby wasn't too stoked to be in this carrier.
Adrian Hogel & Juliet Spurrier, MD

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