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Infantino Sash Mei Tai Review

Best Value Award

Baby Carrier

  • Currently 4.0/5
Overall avg rating 4.0 of 5 based on 1 review. Most recent review: June 19, 2015
Price:   $35 List | Available for $23 from Amazon
Pros:  Great value, well made, lightweight, nice hold and ergonomics, easy to use
Cons:  Lacking great support for newborns and toddler back carry, two sets of ties
Bottom line:  Easy to use, quick-tie, travels well, and comfortable for both parties
User Rating:       (0.0 of 5) based on 0 reviews
Manufacturer:   Infantino
Review by: Adrian Hogel & ⋅ June 19, 2015  
Bottom Line
The Infantino Sash Mei Tai won our Best-Value award due to its combination of low-price and great performance. We consider it an easy grab-and-go carrier that holds baby securely. While we weren't too impressed with the company's other carrier, the Infantino Swift Classic, thankfully, they got it right with their Sash Mei Tai - a simple, soft structured, mei tai style carrier. The material is sturdy, the support is great, and it's a cinch to use. Plus, where price is concerned, it almost can't be beat.

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BabyGearLab Editors' Hands-on Review

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The Infantino Sash is a mei-tai style carrier that consists of four long straps attatched to one central square of fabric.
Credit: Adrian Hogel
The Infantino Sash Mei Tai is a simple, lightweight carrier that does most of the work for you. Like any good soft structured carrier, the Mei Tai places the weight of the baby on your hips. But instead of using clasps, the Mei Tai sash relies on being tied into place, both at the waist and the shoulders. We found it a breeze to put on since there are no buckles, clips or rings to maneuver. While it may take a bit more practice to get a sash-type carrier on, the benefit is that you can tie it to fit you perfectly. The fabric is soft, supportive and durable and the whole thing can be thrown in the wash for easy cleaning. One of our favorite features about this carrier is that it has basic, yet helpful instruction labels directly on it, so you always know which strap goes where. To top it off, it comes in super cute prints and patterns.

Performance Comparison

Baby's Safety

The Infantino Sash Mei Tai received a 7 of 10 for Baby's Safety in our testing. The wide, deep seat provides proper ergonomic support for baby's hips as it keeps baby's legs in the "frog" position. Once tied and secured properly, it is easy to maintain a clear airway, and baby's head and back are adequately supported. However, the Mei Tai didn't thrill us in the back carry position, and here's why: during our toddler tests, we just didn't find the support to be sufficient while in back carry. It seemed like it needed to be tighter, but in doing so, baby's legs would be squeezed by the ties. It also would have been nice if the shoulder straps had a chest clip-type connection over our sternum for added security while in back carry. Our infant tester also had a lot of trouble securing baby in the Mei Tai. She found herself using a hand to support the baby at all times, making her feel uneasy.
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The Infantino Sash Mei Tai can accommodate babies from 8-36 pounds without the use of an infant insert, but we struggled to properly secure a newborn.
Credit: Kelly Beson

Baby's Comfort

The Mei Tai scored a 6 of 10 in this category. It has a nice, deep seat that supports baby in the proper position and gives plenty of head support. We do wish that baby could face out when worn on the front, but for the most part, facing in didn't seem to bother our little testers. It's well constructed and the material feels soft and supple against baby's skin.
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At 13 inches wide, the seat of the Sash Mei Tai provides comfortable, proper support for baby's hips and spine.
Credit: Adrian Hogel

Parent's Comfort

For a basic carrier, the Mei Tai was really comfortable, scoring a 7 of 10 in our testing. We didn't get overly hot and putting it on in public was a lot less hassle than the Moby Wrap Modern or Boba 4G wraps. The shoulder straps are wide and nicely padded, and most of the weight is distributed to the hips. Because you can customize the fit of this carrier, it is especially great for plus-sized moms and for use by multiple wearers who vary in size.
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The criss-crossed padded shoulder straps of the Mei Tai provides good support and comfort for parents.
Credit: Adrian Hogel

Ease of Use

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There is a learning curve to properly typing the Infantino Sash Mei Tai, but once you get the hang of it, it's a cinch.
Credit: Adrian Hogel
Although easier to use than the classic wrap-style carriers, it was more difficult than many of the other soft structured carriers, and thus received a 6 of 10 for Ease of Use. The Sash Mei Tai comes with clear instructions and we had baby wrapped up in it in no time. As stated previously, we love that there are simple instructions printed directly on the inside of the carrier for easy reference. It is similar in concept to the other soft structured carriers we reviewed, but lighter-weight and minus the buckles and added accessories. Another benefit is that it folds quite compactly, and, unlike some of the bulkier carriers, will fit easily into your diaper bag. We also like that this carrier doesn't require a bulky insert for infants. It comes with a detachable hood which came in handy, although it is sometimes difficult to snap and unsnap.

Also, some might not like all the long straps; there are four of them, resulting in two knots, and it can be a lot to deal with, especially if you are putting baby in the carrier outside and you want to avoid dragging the straps on the ground. The Mei Tai doesn't come with a storage pocket either, which is a bit of a disappointment. Another gripe? The back carry position requires assistance with both placement and exit.

Ease of Cleaning

The Mei Tai is machine washable but must be washed separately and cannot be put in the dryer. It scored a 7 of 10 in this category, losing points for the inconvenience of having to wash by itself and hang to dry.

Best Applications

Although its specifications for use are for babies from 8 to 36 pounds, we don't recommend this carrier for newborns. It just doesn't provide enough support. But we loved it for running errands, doing household chores, or even longer carries like taking the dog for a walk with an older baby or toddler.
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The Sash Mei Tai has 3 different baby wearing positions: Front Carry, Hip Carry, and Back Carry
Credit: Infantino


It's not as well made as many of the other soft structured carriers we reviewed and may not weather as well, but we still found it to be a terrific value for the money.


The Sash Mei Tai received the Best Value Award for many reasons. While in reality, it's simply a fabric panel with four straps attached to it, we found it to be a sturdy, versatile, easy to grab-and-go carrier that held baby securely. We like the stylish prints, and at $35, you just can't beat the price for what you get. However, it wasn't our favorite in back carry with a toddler because it didn't offer as much support as some of the other award winners like the Tula Ergonomic Baby or the Onya Baby Outback.


Adrian Hogel & Juliet Spurrier, MD

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